Aroosa Kanwal

English Literature PhD student, 2009 - 2013

I am a final year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Lindsey Moore. The working title of my thesis is "Homeland through Diasporic Eyes: A Study of Fiction of Pakistani Expatriate Writers". My PhD study focuses on diasporic representations of ancestral homeland and problematic of identitarian affiliation in the works of Pakistani expatriate and British Asian writers. Massive migrations, dislocations and displacements - commonly summed up under the umbrella of diaspora - have compelled scholars to rethink the concepts of nationalism and national identity particularly with regard to transmigrants who subvert the notion of linear migration making it possible to expand and reconstruct identities via what one might describe as rerouting roots. James Clifford's definition of diasporic subjects as 'bearers of discrepant temporalities that trouble the linear, progressive narratives of the nation-state and global modernization' will form the basis of my enquiry in this project. In light of these paradigms, I will discuss notions of cultural identity and the construction of home in the works of Pakistani Expatriate writers.