Geraldine Green

Creative Writing PhD student and AHRC Award holder, 2006 - 2012

I chose Lancaster University for a couple of reasons: one, it's where I studied and enjoyed my MA in Creative Writing Poetry; its Creative Writing Department has a good reputation; it's also convenient for me to attend supervisory sessions every 2-3 weeks, tho due to work and personal matters I can't get down to Lancaster more than this. Email contact with my co-Supervisors, Dr. Graham Mort and Dr. Lee Horsley, has been excellent and supportive.
I would recommend undertaking a PhD through Lancaster University to others. Ensure that you take time to consider both the course and supervisor/s, as the PhD experience is intense and time consuming, enriching, demanding and exciting! Developing a close study relationship with one's PhD supervisor/s is critical - thankfully, my experience has been positive and expectations have been met.

Geraldine was also a student in 2003-05 on our campus-based MA in Creative Writing, in which she gained a Distinction. Here is what she wrote in 2005: “My decision to take an MA in Creative Writing was made after enjoying a BA in Imaginative Writing/Literature Life & Thought, completed 2000. I'd never written poetry before; most of my adult life was spent working in offices. I'd read poetry widely for many years and fell into writing it with passion. I needed to meet other writers to expand and explore this passion and to sharpen my skills as a critic. I was impressed with what I'd researched about the tutors and the course, so decided to take an MA at Lancaster. I enjoyed my experience at Lancaster and came away with a deep sense of achievement. The space was a safe one in which to take writing to be workshopped and to help others develop theirs. This sharing was, for me, one of the greatest delights. I'm also delighted that my poetry collection, written on the course, has been accepted for publication next Spring.” [Geraldine’s collection, Passio, was published by Flarestack in April 2006]