Staff Research Interests

Our staff have research interests and expertise in all major areas of Literary Study and Creative Writing.

My research clusters around writing for the stage, radio, film and television. I am interested in British Asian subject matter and the genres of SF, fantasy and horror (with a particular interest in the post-apocalyptic subgenre).

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My research interests focus in particular on marginal, topical and ephemeral cultural texts, and have resulted in a number of studies of seventeenth century religious writings, especially those from the radical sects, and with a particular focus on gender. I am also interested in middlebrow and material culture of the late nineteenth to mid twentieth century, an interest which I am pursuing through a Wellcome Trust funded project on 'Twin Beds: From Healthy Homes to Healthy Marriages 1870-1970.' I would be interested in supervising projects that related broadly to these areas.

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