Disciplined Entrepreneurship
Accelerator Programme

Welcome! This page is for further information about the DE Accelerator Programme.

This scheme is delivered free to those who are selected to join, and it is open to all Lancaster University students and recent graduates. However, there are a limited amount of spaces available and we expect this to be highly competitive. Please note that priority will be given to those who have a genuine and serious interest in starting a business for themselves within the next 12 months.

If you are an international student studying on the T4 Student Visa please follow this link.
If you are an UK/EU student then please read The Disciplined Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme section below.

If you would prefer to download this page and read the full details in a PDF document then please <Click here to download>

The Disciplined Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme

This year will see the introduction of our Disciplined Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme. This is an intensive 2-part support programme aimed at fully developing your business idea, and in turn helping you to write a comprehensive business plan which will put you in good stead to start running your business.

This programme consists of 2 parts:

PART 1) 3 day intensive workshop

PART 2) 4 day intensive residential workshop


Part 1 – Wednesday 20th June ~ Friday 22nd June
Part 1 will be located on campus.

This part will be looking at things related to market validation, market segmentation, understanding your customer, product specification, and defining a clear value proposition, and more.

Part 2 – Tuesday 10th July ~ Friday 13th July (residential)

Part 2 will be on campus in a contained residential venue. All accommodation, catering, and travel to the venue will be provided.

This part will be looking at things related to understanding how your customers acquire your product, mapping how to acquire paying customers, how to make money, how to design a business model, financial modelling, designing and testing assumptions, building a minimum viable product, and more.

A full and detailed itinerary will be available at a later date, and as part of the course handbook.


Learning outcomes:

This programme will help you to develop the core 21st century skills of Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, and Creativity.

The programme intends to deliver on a number of learning outcomes, the full extent of which will be available in the course handbook. Here is a quick overview of the key outcomes are as follows:

Ideas & Opportunities

Learners will be confident and have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Recognise, seize and shape opportunities to respond to challenges and create value for others,
  • Transform ideas into solutions that create value for others,
  • Use their vision to guide strategic decision-making and
  • Develop strategies to make the most of the value generated by ideas.
  • Act to ensure that their ethical and sustainability goals are met.


Learners will be confident and have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Compensate for their weaknesses by teaming up with others and by further developing their strengths,
  • Remain focused on their passion and continue to create value, de-spite setbacks,
  • Learn the skills and knowledge to define strategies to mobilise the required resources,
  • Make a plan for the financial sustainability of a value-creating activity and
  • Inspire others and get them on board for value-creating activities.

Into Action

Learners will be confident and have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Seek out opportunities to take the initiative to add or create value
  • Refine priorities and plans to adjust to changing circumstances,
  • Weigh up risks and make decisions despite uncertainty and ambiguity,
  • Build a team and networks based on the needs of their value-creating activity and Improve their abilities to create value by building on their previous experiences and interactions with others.
  • Places on this programme are limited, and you must be available to complete BOTH parts in full.

What are the costs, and how do I apply?

This programme is completely free to participants, all costs of transport, catering, accommodation and content delivery are covered by the university. Please be aware that the equivalent support value of this programme is over £5,000.

However, given the low number of limited places available we expect that this will be highly competitive. Furthermore, given the value of this support we must ensure that you are 100% committed to the programme.

Step 1) If you would like to apply for this scheme please download an application form here: <Click To Download>
Step 2) Please email completed form to enterpriseteam@lancaster.ac.uk

UPDATE:: Deadline for applications are on Monday 28th May 2018

Once the deadline has passed, we will evaluate all the applications and create a shortlist. Those who have been shortlisted will be invited to an informal interview at a mutually convenient time.

Interviews will be in the week commencing 04/06/2018

Places on the programme will be confirmed shortly after interview, and no later than a week before the programme commences.

Full timeline

DE Programme applications open: Week Commencing (w/c) 30/04/2018

Application deadline: 18/05/2018

Invites to interview: (w/c) 28/05/2018

Interview dates: (w/c) 04/06/2018

Confirmation of place on programme: (w/c) 11/06/2018

Programme dates: (1) 20~22/06/2018 & (2) 10~13/07/2018


Full Terms & Conditions

This is a highly competitive scheme and the university only has a maximum of 20 endorsements for the T1 GE Visa which it may allocate per year (running from April to April).

  • Placement on the DE Accelerator does not guarantee endorsement by the university.
  • Lancaster University reserves the right to withdraw your place on the DE Accelerator Programme at any time.
  • The issuing of the endorsement letter is subject to satisfactory background checks by the University’s visa & Immigration team.
    • Conditional endorsements from the university are subject to submission of a final business plan for evaluation by a panel of experts.
      • The decision of this panel is final, and cannot be challenged.
    • Endorsement by the university does not guarantee acceptance for T1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa by the Home Office.
      • The Home Office decision is final and will not be challenged by the university.
  • Lancaster University holds the right to withdraw the offer of an endorsement at any time.
  • Endorsement for the first 12 months of the T1 GEV does not guarantee re-endorsement for the second 12 month period.
  • Successful funding of the £50,000 within the two year time frame does not guarantee acceptance for the T1 Entrepreneur Visa by the Home Office.
  • Whilst living and working in the UK on the T1 GE Visa, you must maintain at minimum quarterly contact with Lancaster University Enterprise team. Failure to do so will result in being reported to the Home Office.
  • Please be aware that as a current student studying on a T4 licence, you are allowed to conduct research etc into the business.
  • You are full responsible for reading and understanding the full Terms and Conditions laid out by the Home Office.
  • Please be aware that acceptance onto and/or completion of the DE Accelerator does not change the status, nor the conditions of your T4 Student visa.
    – You MUST NOT conduct any business activity whilst still under your T4 Student visa – i.e. you cannot start trading, conduct sales, or setup contracts for sales etc.
    Business idea validation, and business planning activity is acceptable  under the T4 Student visa.
    – Please refer back to the conditions of your T4 Student visa, if in doubt about anything please consult the Lancaster University Registry Office
  • Lancaster University is not responsible for your failure to read and comprehend the Terms & Conditions of your Visa as laid down by the Home Office and any subsequent breaches caused by your lack of understanding.
  • LU does not guarantee the success of your, or any business. All business ventures are a risk, and by undertaking this programme you understand the inherent risks involved in seeking to start your own venture.
  • All Terms & Conditions related to the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 4 Visas laid down by the university are superseded by the Home Office – the Home Office will the final say on any decisions made.