ASSURE: Evaluation and Research



Independent Social Evaluation and Research

ASSURE enables small to medium sized organisations to commission research and evaluation in a range of health, social and educational services. The business has worked with a range of different organisations including NHS England, Commissioning Support Units, a number of charities, local authorities, colleges, universities, social enterprises, SMEs and police forces. The aim of ASSURE is to ensure the provision of high quality research and evaluation services to facilitate the best in programme and project delivery, often to the most vulnerable in our society.

ASSURE was initiated and operated directly within Applied Social science (now Sociology) at Lancaster University, between 1999 and 2014; During this time they worked with over 70 organisations and established a good reputation among local programmes in the North West of England and beyond. FASS Enterprise then supported a number of the processes required to establish an independent ASSURE in 2014. ASSURE does however continue to work with the university on a number of projects.

Cheryl Simmill-Binning, PhD Centre for the Study of Science and Technology, BA (Hons) Independent Studies