Juliand Digital

Juliand Digital
First floor
22-24 Lever Street
M1 1DZ
Tel: 03301225000


Think Big

Juliand software is used to manage and improve processes in some of the largest companies in the world. Their core product, Hive is a SaaS offering to make it simple to upskill large workforces and improve the effectiveness of operations. By connecting the front line with business intelligence and gamification they are able to create $billions in extra value for their customers.

Richard started the business in 2012 whilst at university and was able to grow it alongside his studies. Whilst at Lancaster he met a number of talented individuals who helped to make Juliand happen, some of whom are still driving the business forward today. The work or Juliand has recently been recognised through the winning of a TechCities Manchester Award.

Richard Milnes, Computer Science