Loading Deck

Loading Deck
Knowledge Business Centre,
Lancaster University
Tel: 01524888378


Loading Deck is a software development and server management company who take on challenges that other agencies might struggle with. These tend to include writing complex software that links a number of systems, helping to scale up a busy website or ecommerce store and helping non-technical service providers to offer certain technical services.

James Hadley started off doing a lot of freelance and project work during his BSc. Some of it was for the university such as development projects for LEC and Humanities whilst he also got to know a few external clients. Many were small businesses asking for simple work and close relationships were developed. As their businesses grew, they continued to engage Loading Deck for software development, although with larger and more complex projects. Several also referred their contacts.
The challenge now is to cope with the growth whilst continuing to deliver a good service. A few things which James mentions as having really helped him with the growth of his business are his excellent mentor, the opportunity for co-location in the InfoLab’s Knowledge Business Centre and he also highly recommends UK Business Forums as a source of help for any new businesses.

James Hadley, BSc Computer Science Innovation (2014),
PhD Computer Science (2018)