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 ‘As an entrepreneur do not be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are pretty much what it is all about.’

David Guest, Workshop Media Ltd

Cartmel College, BA Hons Culture, Media & Communication, 2003

David ( DT ) Guest, is Managing Director of  Workshop Media.  He is one of those entrepreneurial types, open minded; willing to help and focused on improving my business skills and personal development. David has been in business now for ten years and is on his fourth enterprise, having recognised the business need for strategically planned video and text content that can be measured.  Workshop Media is a video marketing company, which simply put means that we make great videos AND make sure they get seen.

What appealed to you about getting involved in the Start Up Series of events?

I feel passionate about supporting the University’s fresh ideas as an Alumni.  This particularly caught my eye as I know that the entrepreneurial journey is one that you can never be ready for, the best that can be done is hear other on the journey talk about their stories.

What was the value for you in taking part?

The opportunity to network with the other businesses and meet the bright young minds that I could be collaborating with in the future.

How was the experience on the night?

I think the format was good and the idea of a visual aid was brilliant.  Turnout was good and I felt ‘listened to’.  

David’s story highlights and top tips:

We stopped making the mistakes we had been making, we started making completely new ones, but, they were still good mistakes, they were valuable learning. If you feel that you have some potential in you, you have. Only you can stop yourself, nobody else and just try and be as bloody-minded as possible!

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