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‘So basically I just dived in really; I didn’t have a business plan. I only had enough savings to last me, essentially a year.’

Laurie Borlace, One Single Night

Grizedale College, BBA Hons Management 2008

 Laurie Borlace is an ACA qualified Chartered Accountant & Entrepreneur based in London. Currently operating within the live events and experiential space, his latest venture is called ‘One Single Night’ and is London’s specialist in unique real life singles events and parties. He believes that the best things happen in real life with real people. ‘No internet dating malarkey or paid subscriptions required’, One Single night gives people the opportunity to come out from behind the screens and connect in reality.

What made you decide to start a business?

Why did I start a business? Well, I was a pretty bored, I was a bored accountant, I’m sure many of you can understand that. I have actually set up a website called

 Was it really that boring?

 If you want to see what my mindset was like at the time when I quit my job just go to I was blogging loads about it at that particular time. I also decided to quit the job because I had been going to a lot of entrepreneurial events in London. There is a great website called that was set up by a bunch of former management consultants and accountants. They want to give back to society, they feel that they are caught in this kind of daily repetitive daily grind, routine, in these big glass corporate prisons, as I call them, in London. They just want to get out.

What would you say to other people who are concerned they don’t have the ‘know-how’ to start a business?

You don’t have to have a revolutionary idea. You don’t have to have tons of experience, you don’t have to believe in everything society tells you, or indeed everything University tells you, and mainly don’t be afraid to invest your money and your time. Basically neither of those things is meant to be sat doing nothing, so just run with it, try it, and see what happens.

 Is it lonely starting a business by yourself?

If you have built your networks correctly, throughout University and with your family and friends, then you  always have people around you, and that support network is so, so important.

 You can see Laurie’s LinkedIn profile here.

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