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‘It probably isn’t as hard as you imagine, there are problems, there are hindrances and whatever, road blocks in the way, but you probably have got all of the resources to get over them, so good luck to everyone!’

Richard Naylor, Enrich

Bowland College, BA Hons Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1999

Richard Naylor is founder and owner of Enrich which is based in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. Enrich design and implement experiential education programmes in leadership and personal development for business executives and other groups. They also provide team building, coaching and process consultancy services.

How did you get Enrich off the ground?

In 2005 I had separated from the girlfriend I went out to Denmark to be with. I was living in a little rented room in a small flat and had absolutely nothing, no money, I was down to my last couple of hundred pounds, and I really started at zero. In a consultancy company you’re selling your know-how and your skills and so there aren’t that many overheads; there isn’t a lot of investment required. You can just go out and sell your time, your skills. At that point I didn’t even have a laptop or an internet connection in the rented room I was living in.  So I had to start the company, and this is no word of a lie, I started it in an internet café. So it is totally possible to start from absolutely nothing.

What challenges did you face early on?

One significant challenge for me personally has been pricing.  I felt embarrassed about some of the prices I was asking for from my customers because it sounded like when you’re running a consultancy you’re pricing things far, far higher than the rate you normally hear about.  But I think one of the things I had to steel myself to was getting over that embarrassment about pricing and realise they’re not only paying for your time, they’re also paying for your availability. The only reason that companies can rely on me completely is because I’m not booked all the time.  So they pay you for that flexibility of availability. 

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