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“Coaching is so powerful that if it was a drug it would be illegal.  A client walks into a coaching session stressed, over-burdened, ready to give up, and one hour later emerges transformed, clear, focused, calmer, fit to fight and to win.”

 Stephen Moore, Transform2Succeed Ltd

Graduate College, MA Human Resources and Consulting, 2013

Stephen is an Executive Career Coach, facilitator and consultant at Transform2Succeed. He aims to work creatively, thoughtfully and with great integrity. Coaching with ‘Passion, Power and Purpose’ is his mission.

You had a long and successful career in senior management in the NHS, what made you change direction and start your own business?

In 2007 I had the opportunity to go travelling, and I spent 16 months travelling around the globe and this gave me the opportunity to reflect, hence the picture, on what it was that I really wanted to do and what was important to me.  And what I realised what was important to me wasn’t about managing the services and having budgets and being very important and having a large office, which I invariably got given and then gave away, which frustrated some of my chief execs, but it was about the people that I worked with and the challenges that they had in delivering services and treating the patients that they wanted to treat.  And that was where I found I got most excited in doing it.  And I realised that my success had always come through other people succeeding in doing things.  And that’s when I made the decision in terms of wanting to become a coach and wanting to be an enabler and helping people to deliver their dreams.

What was the next stepping stone after the travelling to Alaska and Antarctica?

When I came back and decided that I wanted to be a professional coach and I spent two years training as a professional coach, whilst still doing my job, which I really enjoyed.  And then I took the decision that I needed to change location, change life, and really start being ‘this coach’.  I came to Lancaster, and at the age of 50 I started my Masters degree, delighted that I wasn’t the oldest person on campus, relatively old but not the oldest which was quite important to the ego, and I did a Masters degree in HR and consultancy, with the emphasis for me on the consultancy side of the business.  I completed that in 2013 and since then I’ve been running my business.

Do you coach any entrepreneurs and what difference does it make?

I coached an entrepreneur I met through the University. He had a business idea and he wanted coaching around how he could deliver it.  The interesting thing there was he came with a very clear business idea; he’d done some market research and we sat down and we started to explore how he could move forward with it. Within one hour he had radically changed his business plan, his idea and his product.  The impressive thing from my point of view was during the next two coaching sessions, he not only changed his idea but he set up the company and he delivered a prototype product. Twelve months on he now has a range of products that are being sold through local businesses.  So again, by exploring what he really wanted to do he has made a success of his venture and is now making a profit, which is always nice to do!

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