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“Only those who believe in the impossible will see the invisible”

Wilson Mazaiwana, SMS Juice Ltd

Graduate College, MSc Networking and Internet Systems, 2012

Tendayi Wilson Mazaiwana is Director and founder at at SMSJuice Limited, Lancaster, a bulk SMS text solutions company. Their customers are education institutions, marketing companies, NGOs, and companies that with appointment reminding and quotation services.

What did you do after your Masters?

I’d worked with SMS text messaging before. I finished my Masters in 2012. A company in Lancaster got in touch and said, ‘Oh we like the stuff that you’ve done with text messaging, so do you want to come and work for us?’. It was working for them that I learned a lot more things that actually contributed to my ideas about the business I’m running today.

How did you make the leap from employee to company founder?

In September 2013 the company went into administration so we got made redundant. Seven days later I went to register the company SMS Juice Limited. I was lucky. I got some clients from the company I’d worked for and they are still my clients today.

 What’s your advice to others in your shoes?

I believe persistence beats resistance.

You can view Wilson’s LinkedIn profile here.

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