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According to the 2012 QAA guidance, Enterprise Education is defined as

“the process of equipping students (or graduates) with an enhanced capacity to generate ideas and the skills to make them happen. Entrepreneurship education equips students with the additional knowledge, attributes and capabilities required to apply these abilities in the context of setting up a new venture or business. All of this is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial effectiveness, that is, the ability to function effectively as an entrepreneur or in an entrepreneurial capacity, for example within small businesses or as part of ‘portfolio careers, where multiple job opportunities, part time work and personal ventures combine’. Enterprise and entrepreneurship are transdisciplinary, with a strong connection to issues of employability, innovation, knowledge transfer, commercialisation, and intellectual property.”

Our recent mapping exercise identified more than 200 individuals involved in creating opportunities for students to develop the capabilities described above and making their ideas happen.  That’s 200 people in the same organisation pursuing the same outcomes and wrestling with the same challenges who are not benefiting from being joined up.

Lancaster Enterprise Educators Network (LEEN)

LEEN is the name we’ve given to this community or practice as part of an ambition to facilitate peer learning and access to development opportunities and networks outside the organisation to gradually enhance capability and capacity right across the organisation. We’ve drafted a version 1.0 Statement of Purpose and would value your feedback on whether you feel its something you’d like to be part of.

To read the Statement of Purpose, click here.

Database of peers

If you’re wondering who else is in your peer network, who you might be able to collaborate with or learn from, then we are holding the first version of an Enterprise Educators database.  We’re still validating all the information it contains so it’s not possible to make it publicly accessible yet, but if you’d like access to it, please just ask.

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You may already have seen the fortnightly Enterprise Update, our e-newsletter for Enterprise Learners.  We’re now distributing an equivalent for staff – Enterprise Update Pro – which contains news and opportunities for you as a practitioner.  We’d love to see more and more of the content provided by LEEN members so, please feel free to submit anything you see as relevant to your peers.

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Opportunities news

Finally, if you want to browse the latest opportunities and articles on our blog, click the link below.  Don’t forget you can filter your results according to tags and categories by clicking on any of the grey keywords under any article.

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