Waste Management

Lancaster University generated over 1,471 tonnes of residual (general) waste in 2007/2008, approximately 4 tonnes per day. All of this waste needs to be disposed of and with disposal facilities in Lancashire having a limited life and becoming increasingly expensive it is very important that Lancaster University makes every effort to minimise waste disposal. Disposing of waste to landfill is not a sustainable option and Lancaster University is making every effort to reduce waste generation, reuse materials where possible and recycle, before disposing of materials. Major improvements in waste and recyclate collection facilities have been provided in the last year and these have helped improve the University's waste and recycling performance significantly.

Click on the links below to see what we are doing with waste and recyclates, or to find out how or where to dispose of certain items, or to view the University's environmental performance in this area.

Waste & Recycling Performance

Waste Management and recycling are an important and highly visible element of Lancaster University's environmental impacts, which the University takes very seriously. A Waste Management and Recycling Policy has been developed specifically to state the University's principals on this issue. You can view the PDF document here.

External Bin Stores

There are 49 external bin stores at Lancaster University. Many of the bin stores are in purpose-built buildings, whilst others are not All bin stores are currently being assessed to determine if they need to be upgraded or relocated. Click here to view the location of external bin stores.

Bin Store Signage

Recycling sign

All bin stores have clear signage showing the bin store number and the types of waste and recyclates that can be disposed of at the bin store. The majority of bin stores have bins for all types of recyclates and waste, but some do not. If you are in doubt of what you can dispose please check the signage at the bin store. A comprehensive table showing what recyclates and waste can be disposed of at different bin stores can be viewed here.

Please do not dispose of barbeques in external bin stores as they are a serious fire risk.

External Bin Types

Waste and recyclates can be disposed of in two types of bin at Lancaster University. Smaller 'Eurobins' are located in all bin stores, whilst larger FEL skips are located in 10 bin stores. The FEL skips are for the disposal of card only. All bins are now very clearly labelled indicating what can and cannot be disposed of in a particular bin.

Please follow the disposal advice on the bins.

Internal Recycling Bins

Internal recycling bins are gradually being installed across all teaching and administration areas across campus. The bins are segregated to collect paper, newspaper & magazines, plastic bottles & metal cans.

Internal recycling bins are currently installed in Bailrigg House, County Main, Great Hall, Ash House, Bowland Horth, FASS, University House, Furness College, Management School, Infolab and Geography. Internal Bins are planned to be installed in LUSU and Biology in the near future.

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