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Bigforth Drive Kerb Replacement and Resurfacing

Bigforth Drive, the main University drive, will be closed until 23 September. All inbound and outbound traffic must go via Alexandra Park. During the work, the Sports Centre can be accessed as normal via the A6.

The roadworks are taking place to improve the University entrance and increase cyclist safety. Facilities thank you for your patience and understanding whilst this work is under way.

Phase Four: Monday 15th September - Tuesday 23rd September

Bigforth Drive will be closed from the speed table up to the main roundabout on the perimeter road. All inbound and outbound traffic must go via Alexandra Park.

The Sports Centre can be accessed as normal via the A6 for both inbound and outbound traffic. There will be no vehicle access down from the campus.

Bus services will be rerouted as follows:

2, 2A: THESE SERVICES WILL NOT SERVE THE UNDERPASS. 2, 2A services will enter campus via Green Lane gate (Monday-Friday 7.30am-7.00pm only) and stop only on South-West Drive outside Grizedale College and on Alexandra Park. This will stop at Alexandra Park only after 7.00pm in the evening and from Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 September.

3, 3A, 4: Inbound via Green Lane gate, South West Drive (stopping at a temporary bus stop at Grizedale College), South Drive, South East Drive, Underpass. Outbound from Underpass, South-West Drive (temporary bus stop at Grizedale College), exiting via Alexandra Park. After 7.00pm in the evening and from Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 September these services will enter campus via Alexandra Park.

X4: Inbound via Green Lane gate Monday-Friday 7.30am-7.00pm, temporary stop at Grizedale College, southern perimeter road to Underpass. Outbound via Alexandra Park. On Sunday 21 September this service will operate to the Underpass both inbound and outbound via Alexandra Park.

12: Morning service: Inbound via Green Lane gate, South West Drive (stopping at a temporary bus stop at Grizedale College), exiting via Alexandra Park. THIS SERVICE WILL NOT SERVE THE UNDERPASS.

Evening service: Outbound from the Underpass, South West Drive (stopping at a temporary bus stop at Grizedale College), exiting via Alexandra Park.

40, 41, 42: NONE OF THESE SERVICES WILL COME ONTO CAMPUS. All 40/41/42 services in both directions will stop on the A6 only at the University main entrance.

National Express and Megabus: Inbound and Outbound via Alexandra Park to the Underpass.

Library Refurbishment Scaffolding Erection

From 18:00 on Wednesday 17th to 18:00 Tuesday 23rd September contractors will be onsite in the evenings to deliver scaffolding to the East elevation of the Library (along the spine). The contractors will access the area through University House foyer and across Alexandra Square. The section of the spine from Alexandra Square to The Venue will be closed for this period. A diversion will be in place via Edward Roberts Court. Access to Uni-Travel and The Venue will remain open. There will be some noise during the delivery and erection of the scaffolding. The work is being carried out in the evenings to ensure the area is safe for all users. Following the completion of the scaffolding a hoarding will be erected in front of the scaffolding which will reduce the width of the spine for the duration of the project but access will be maintained.

Closure of accessible ramp alongside the new Engineering building

From Monday 22nd September to 21st December the accessible ramp on the spine will be closed and a diversion will be in place via Fylde College. This section is being closed to allow for the integration of new landscaping. Signage has been put in place at both ends of the affected area signposting an alternative route.

New Faraday entrance for Chemistry

On the week commencing 22nd September, the refurbishment and investment in the Chemistry department continues with work beginning on the new entrance to the Faraday building. The work will involve the demolition of the existing entrance in order for the new one to be erected. During the first few weeks of the project there will be significant noise disruption due to the demolition work.

University House External Repairs

External repairs will be undertaken on University House to prevent water ingress and to upgrade the facade. Repairs include rendering, re-pointing and roof covering replacement. Re-pointing of brickwork will also be undertaken on the Human Resources building.

The phasing of the work is South elevation, West elevation, East elevation (Alex Square) and North elevation (Main Entrance) with works being undertaken on a number of elevations at any given time.

In order to keep disruption and dust, to a minimum all noisy work will be confined to weekends. During the working week the contractor will carry out the re-pointing and render work which will be much less disruptive than the grinding out.

Although it should be standard practice could I please ask for your help in ensuring windows are closed at the end of each day. Over the weekends a considerable amount of dust will be generated and we would prefer not to have the contractor accessing the building in order to shut windows to prevent dust from getting in to offices.

Summer Works Programme

Library Refurbishment Compound

From Monday 11th August 2014 to Sunday 31st January 2016, pedestrian access to the north side of Library Avenue will be closed due to the placement of the contractors compound. Whilst the compound is put into place there will be some noise but it will be kept to a minimum. Signs will be in place to divert pedestrian traffic round the Ruskin Library via the main pedestrian access routes.

Demolition of ICR

Hoarding has been erected around the ICR building. This will close access to John Creed Avenue from the spine and the FASS entrance. The steps and ramp access will also be inaccessible while the work is being carried out. Work will be completed by the middle of September.

Bowland North Internal Decoration

From Saturday 19th July, work will be undertaken in Bowland North to decorate all offices and communal spaces. This work will last for 8 weeks finishing on Sunday 21st September. Offices and communal spaces will be done on a rotated programme of work so that all building users can still continue to use the building whilst the work is being carried out.

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