Olga Gomez-Cash

Senior Teaching Fellow

Current Teaching

  • SPAN100: First year Spanish grammar (Intensive)
  • SPAN 201i: Second Year Spanish Writing and Reading Skills (Intensive)
  • SPAN 201: Second Year Spanish Writing and Reading Skills (Advanced)
  • DELC214: Economic and Social Change in France, Germany and Spain
  • DELC216:Professional Contexts for Modern Languages
  • DELC310: Residence Abroad: intercultural and academic reflection
  • DELC320: Dissertation
  • DELC416: Academic and Practical Methods in Translation

La alfabetización mediática en la universidad a través de talleres multimodales de lectura y escritura académicas.
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Journal article

The psyche of feminism: Sand, Colette, Sarraute
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Book/Film/Article review

The enlightenment : a sourcebook and reader.
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Intelligibility and the tropism: Nathalie Sarraute's Ere de Soupçon
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Conference paper

Secret animal selves: Madame Roland's Mémoires
Gomez-Cash, O. 2000
Conference paper

Fleshing out the text : Lassalle’s production of Nathalie Sarraute’s Pour un oui ou pour un non.
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Journal article

Dislocation, nostalgia and play; three autofictions of exile' (on Sarraute, Cardinal, and Cixous)
Gomez-Cash, O. 1998
Conference paper

Scissors and other stuff : Nathalie Sarraute's Enfance
Gomez-Cash, O. 1991 In: Quinqereme: new studies in modern languages. 3
Journal article