The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of Creating a Million Tiny Computers

Dr Joe Finney, Lancaster University School of Computing and Communications

6:30pm to 8:30pm. Doors open at 6pm

The Dukes Theatre

Tuesday 4 April, 2017

This year, almost 1 million UK school pupils received a pocket-sized, codeable computer - the BBC micro:bit - that is aimed at tackling the UK's projected digital skills shortage.

It marks a new era in teaching. It's the BBC Micro for the digital generation, sparking the enthusiasm of the next generation to become not just the consumers, but the creators of tomorrow's technology.

Lancaster University's Dr Joe Finney was at the forefront of the initiative, developing much of the core software for the micro:bit, and working with partners at the BBC, Microsoft, Samsung and many others to launch it in schools nationwide.

Bringing such a hugely ambitious project to life was not without its challenges. At this talk, Joe shares his experiences of the highs and lows of taking the micro:bit from conception to reality.  He'll give an insight into the technology behind it, its many uses and what the future holds: micro:bits are not only set to launch world-wide, but there's even been one in space!

The event will include demonstrations of the micro:bit and all attendees will get a free micro:bit to take home.

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