Check / Study proposal

I have a proposal that would work best as a workshop so hope to fit with other ideas.

Check / Study
Paper / Workshop proposal for Experimentality conference-

A form of experimentation common to several management systems, including ISO standards, is the cycle of Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act known as the Deming or Shewart cycle and also described by Ishikawa. My interest is in why the ISO standards and other quality ideas have not been widely accepted in the USA and UK although global interest continues to grow. A paper could look at some background information but a workshop would be more appropriate to explore the issues.

A cloud on Cloudworks has linked to Kolb's learning model including "Concrete Experience". Perhaps "experientiality" is a related term for "experimentality" and has more relevance for soft systems. Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995) criticise Western management practice as separating mind from body and action. This may explain why the words "study" and "check" are used differently but this this is just the start of a conversation.
Before that a workshop would need to establish if there is any point in looking for a "bright side" to modernity. Critiques of management are well established so discussion may be needed to create space for looking at quality ideas.

Nonaka, I. and Takeuchi H. , The Knowledge Creating Company Oxford 1996


The idea of a "paper" could be experimented with. When depending on print publishing followed the conference. Online there can be drafts and versions and missing bits. This site has aspects in Twitter etc. How to use this?

I will try to look at this as a quality issue, how to modify a system given changes in environment. This might show relevance.