Hotseat follow up on Networked Learning Manifesto

On Cloudworks there is a Cloud for reflections after the recent Networked Learning conference

From there will be a link to the forum and a hotseat discussion on the Networked Learning Manifesto from previously.

So far I only have an outline idea of what was in the papers but it seems that the need for a Manifesto has been questioned and there may now be a proposal for some sort of framework.

My interest is that I never managed to understand the take on quality in the EQUEL project  about ‘e-quality in e-learning’ . The Manifesto so far has a critique of education but is not well known and I find it unclear how policy would be implemented.

Not off topic yet for Experimentality. The online possibilities for communication are relevant

Driven by pervasive informationalisation, we can observe a number of interlinked trends, including: the acceleration and proliferation of feedback loops between action and reaction; the displacement of fixed structures by networks and dissipative structures; the abandonment of fixed goals for continuous repositioning; and the carrying out of knowledge-work in the context of application.