Michael Krätke – Welcome to Experiment as Event in the Arts and Sciences Workshop

Michael Krätke (Director, IAS, Lancaster University) in his opening note welcomed everyone to the second workshop of the Experimentality programme - Experiment as Event in the Arts and Sciences – and emphasized the importance of the exploration of its themes in the context of interdisciplinary research.

Krätke described how, already in the Enlightenment, paintings were representative of the currents in the sciences (i.e. images of experiments being conducted, portraying scientists with a public audience around them). Krätke also illuminated the role that the media plays in the transformation of developments in science and technology into popularly acknowledged  events (i.e. launches of rockets). Concluding he asked a question: With what effect are experiments transformed into the public sphere by the media?

Michael Krätke ended his note by stating that he hopes that the participants will enjoy the workshop.