Variations on Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act

My ideas for a conference discussion seem to be in three main sections, why put energy into quality ideas, PDC/SA, and social media as an example. Not sure what this would connect with on the actual occasion but this blog can relate to others meanwhile.

I am beginning to get an idea what the conference themes may be about.

the contemporary world of evidence-based policy, clinical trials and audits. Critiques of this development include early warnings about the iron cage of instrumental rationality (Weber), twentieth century unease about technocracy and the scientisation of politics

This could be about the imposition of quality systems, usually resisted. So one section has to be on whether or not to engage with quality theory at all.

Seeking a clearer statement on the "dark side2 of mode two knowledge is one way of starting on this.


"Social media" is becoming interesting as a topic for what was the Web and/or personal computers. It can be a case study for how quality systems are applied.

Driven by pervasive informationalisation, we can observe a number of interlinked trends, including: the acceleration and proliferation of feedback loops between action and reaction; the displacement of fixed structures by networks and dissipative structures; the abandonment of fixed goals for continuous repositioning; and the carrying out of knowledge-work in the context of application. Such trends can be observed in domains as disparate as science and innovation, network-centric digital warfare, finance capitalism, product design, software engineering, new media and popular culture.


Probably not much time for the bit in the middle where I can describe what I know about PDC/SA but need to discover what the differences are between understanding in Japan and US/UK. Why have Deming ideas not really worked out?


For a conference this is one order to arrange things. I am also working on a walk along the campus spine from InfoLab 21 , tech inspiration assumed, past the critique challenge of the Management School, and ending with whatever works out in the Learning Zone. This sequence could be anywhere similar sites can be found or imagined.