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I would like to include a look at some websites during the discussion of check / study. Plan - Do - Check - study is intended to be part of a quality approach. One problem i have had is that the book "Making Quality Critical" has been a bit of a block on getting interest in the topic. I think the website http://www.criticalmanagement.org/ has some scope for improvement. It started after a meeting about web 2 but there is not really much conversation around it.

Cloudworks links on Mode Two knowledge and critique

I have added comments on two clouds in Cloudworks


Mode Two Knowledge


Report: Technology enhanced learning as a site for interdisciplinary research

I am trying to find out what is happening around a critique take on social learning. I am lost at the moment on what happened to the manifesto about network learning.

Cloudworks Link

I have set up a Cloudscape on experimentality


Two clouds so far, mode 2 knowledge and Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act. Please add more clouds as seems to make sense. Cloudworks is a useful site organised by the Open University and mostly about online learning. It is well designed and seems to get well used. So useful expansion of this blog.

blog on Network Learning manifesto


More on my another blog.

for example

If there is a "Lancaster Decleration" will it be easy to understand? Will it be widely published?

Network Learning is on topic for experimentality. So is evaluation.


my blog on e-learning, QA, trying to stay on topic

I have done a blog post on my own blog


may relate to other places and link in here later

Hotseat follow up on Networked Learning Manifesto

On Cloudworks there is a Cloud for reflections after the recent Networked Learning conference


From there will be a link to the forum and a hotseat discussion on the Networked Learning Manifesto from previously.

So far I only have an outline idea of what was in the papers but it seems that the need for a Manifesto has been questioned and there may now be a proposal for some sort of framework.

Scribd hosts PDF of draft Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act with a walk / social media


Links to Facebook for why academics might be interested, Cloudworks for the central bit, and social media as an example of something that could be improved. Tales of Things links places and online through barcodes. So if there is not time for a walk in July, there could still be browsing.

Thinking about journalism as an approach and also more on "tales of things"

continues on blog


it turns out "tales of things" can include things that no longer exist

also Tweet from antoesp 

Journalism as a test ground for education, i.e. see practical uses of social media (@gsiemens):


#highered #edtech

Meeting on Tales of Things, geo tags etc.

There is a meeting about tags, location, "Tales of Things"


If RFID is a mystery don't worry, a barcode scanner is all you need.

This meeting seems to be concerned about security and the state. Could link back to the protection science issues.

But I find the positive potential of "Tales of Things" interesting. suggest more work on the interface before some other startup takes over the ideas.

I won't get to the meeting. But the experimental city could be anywhere.

Blog links to Tales of Things, search on "Lancaster"

My blog has an explanation of how I might work with Tales of Things.

This is a site to connect reality and online through barcodes. It may work as a map but not sure.

This can only get better, a bit muddled at the moment. 

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