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Tales of Things

I have started to enter places to Tales of Things


for a pdf of the view.

Aim is to connect online with real places. then discuss tech vision, critique, what to think.

What is good about the medieval?

I am exploring the text describing what the conference is about.

In one strand, experimentation is associated with the opening up of the closed medieval universe into an open world of endless possibility. 


Sandbox imagines PDF in 2011

I am trying to imagine PDF around the time of Learning Technologies 2011. More in the Sandbox for Networked Learning.

Briefly, Adobe seem to be creating on a new Creative Suite mostly about Flash. PDF will come later but could be more interesting for people working mostly with text and flat pages.

Variations on Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act

My ideas for a conference discussion seem to be in three main sections, why put energy into quality ideas, PDC/SA, and social media as an example. Not sure what this would connect with on the actual occasion but this blog can relate to others meanwhile.

I am beginning to get an idea what the conference themes may be about.

Guardian comment on "excellence", is this what academics think?

Found this in the Guardian. Comments on "excellence" and "transparency".

If this is a typical situation it is no wonder that quality theory is rarely considered. At least that is my impression.

Finding a source for the "dark side" of mode 2 is a bit difficult. So comment such as this is a useful reference.

Trying out Cohere, starting with a page of words

I am looking at Cohere, software from the OU to map knowledge online.

Not sure how it works, so starting with a page of text as a Google doc

Starts with whether to engage with quality or other "wicked" problems. Then PDC/SA, then social media as an example. Loops back to this sort of medium anyway.

More later on links to Cohere when I work out how to add stuff.

Imagined print trade show - #totalEC2

I have done a blog post on another blog about an imagined print show alongside the London Book Fair, coming up soon. The idea started with the problem that the LCC Futures Conference was upstairs from Total Print Expo but you had to walk all the way from Earl's Court 2 round to the front, up the stairs and then back again to the Cromwell Room. As real events vanish at least online they can be considered at the same time. a direct route from the equipment to the conference. 

digital music video - online aspect of talk during Animated Exeter

I have done a blog post about slides online from a session on Saturday. Previously on Google docs. I am still learning about this, enough for another one next year.


Could relate to a method for doing a paper in a web aware world.

also boosts Exeter as a city, even if only occasionally

Is there a quality / innovation link?

I cannot attend the innovation meeting as I am involved in Animated Exeter ( see later post) but it is an interesting topic. So far I have not made much of a case for looking at Plan-Do-Check/Study-Act as relevent for experimentality. In blog mode I am turning to blunt language, could go back to longer forms later.

Since "Making Quality Critical" by Wilkinson and Willmott I think people who study learning and leadership think of quality as rigid and restricting. Maybe this is because of experience in universities. But I still think it is an area worth studying.

dark side of mode two - draft story for ohmynews

I have done a blog post that may become a story for OhmyNews


There is a factual basis from the Learning Technologies show but towards the end is a comment on how application knowledge is regarded.

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