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Picasa photos now available, maybe I missed the announcement


Found this through another post. seems to have been there since August. How would we know?

Whatever next? Video?

Or is this somewhere already also?



Blog promotes Youtube / experiment

I am not getting much interest in my video clips so have done a blog post to promote them-




Not sure why the social media aspect of the conference is not working out. I can't find much content online. There must be lots somewhere.


So apologies if it is just about to appear. Link suggestions welcome.

Flickr photos now loaded


Includes  a few slides and from walks between Info Lab 21 and Learning Zone, City Lab and NICE. Explanation later and through next post on YouTube.

Could the Ventosa Siamesis get from Grange to Slyne?





It can cope with the city but sometimes the beach is complicated. 

Posterous blog with script idea, could timeshift walks



Seems there are four stages to the walk

- technology innovation proposal 
- evaluated through quality ideas 
- academic critique 
- public space

that turn up in another order to present a paper

Ventosa Siamesis - comparing the beach substrates in Exmouth and Morecambe

Just as my attention is leaving Exeter for Lancaster it turns out that Experimentality is in Exmouth. That is, in transit from Exmouth to Exeter between weekends.

The Ventosa Siamesis moved over a short distance of Exmouth beach and is expected soon in Princesshay. Theo Jansen claims to have been creating anew form of life since 1990. "Over time these skeletons have become increasingly better at surviving the elements."

slides and draft text for check / study and dark side of mode two

I have put some draft content online as conversation could start any time.

most text is about the perception of a dark side for mode two knowledge. If we get past that the link learning / quality should follow.

Google doc



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