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xperimentality on Twitter

Bit of searching found this


How would we know?

So @xperimentality would work as a tag


html ok

previous post seems to work

click on html and paste code into the box

Cloudworks worth checking out also. Not just a test.

trying out html

eee  not sure what this will do


Twitter as what?

Recent blog post was sent to Twitter. As what though? How do i find these on Twitter?

Previously posted as will789gb on Twitter. #experimentality seems to work ok

Video so far from second workshop

Starting to check the tapes. So far I have looked at the first two and the piano. Includes both on music till the tape runs out.

I think I will put most of this on YouTube eventually, starting with the piano. I can go up to ten minutes at a time. Watching the advice on recording again I am reminded of the dangers in overproduction so will just find places to start and stop. There is an alternative soundtrack somewhere. For voices this would be an advantage but there can be more versions later.

eBooks on YouTube / What is the policy on video and stills?

I have recently created a playlist on YouTube about the eBook. Starts with mostly critique from the LCC Futures Conference a couple of weeks ago. Then promotional ones from the London Book Fair. Seems to work ok as if the actual place is not too important. The Futures conference has been at Earl's Court usually but the print show has been postponed. 


Cloudworks - update for my cloud on Plan, Do Check/Study, Act

I have updated a cloud about Plan- Do- Check/Study- Act

Now with references for Argyris on Action Science and Nonaka on the Knowledge Creating company.

This could be the basis for a paper or workshop but meanwhile the cloud format allows for comments and new content. This blog will try to keep up links.

link to Cloudworks, design, inquiry

Found this link today through Twitter @gconole

'Learning through Inquiry and Teaching-as-design' link

The inquiry is by the students, could be a form of experiment. The design has to be aware of how an experiment works.

What I like about Cloudworks is that there is a strong base in practice. The theory comes across through the design of the site. and it seems to be working in terms of people contributing content.

photo loaded ok

so the first photo loaded ok


cannot find any Flickr links so far

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