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Cloud updated for LEarning Technologies - maturity model as experiential

I have updated the Cloud on Cloudworks for Learning Technologies, a show at Olympia this Wednesday and Thursday.

I am interested in research on e-learning. there seems not as much connection as there could be between academics and knowledge available at such shows.

Towards Maturity offer a model but I don't know if using it is an experiment.


It could be more of an experience, to consider how it relates to an actual situation.

Dark Side of Mode Two continues on Facebook

Have added links to a couple of PDF files on Facebook


Still not sure what this is about but will read them for clues.

Other links welcome.


Research discussion during this week

I have added a comment at Cloudworks on a page about Research

What theoretical perspectives underpin e-learning/TEL research?


I think this relates to the Experimentality project. I have also done clouds about Plan - Do - Check/Study - Act and various Winterlude trade shows.

e-learning is central to quality documentation and also this site.

Also started a Dark Side of Mode Two topic on Facebook

YouTube possible on Cloudworks

I have found out how to add a YouTube link on Cloudworks


very useful feature I think , so linking to Cloudworks is worth looking at for other topics

BETT is a significant event, the Playful Learning zone had a newspaper with BBC R&D


blog on "research", funding, BETT

Blog ahead of BETT, includes rave about "research" and funding


What is the offer from "research" universities? Claims about the knowledge economy seem removed from critique in public.


Blog posts to help the archivists and media archaeologists looking at 2010

New blog post about Flash on the Google phone and the relevance for IPEX, May print show in the UK



Briefly, I think the Google announcement is credible. Adobe are pushing Flash, not Postscript. So what consequence for text  culture?

One aim of doing this is to start online reporting about IPEX now. Cover story for time travel, something that seems to happen anyway.

Flickr updated for experiment tomove IAS towards the InfoLab


New photos fom a coupleof days ago. Space between InfoLab and Learning Zone suits discussion on e-books and/or any tech/quality project. E-books actually part of consumer electronics,the energy is closer to the city centre.

Comments can be added on Flickr 


Flowers could never be mode one

Searching on London College of Communications found this disturbing news. Some departments are being closed down and my guess is that this may relate to academic cred. Print and Publishing has gone as a unit, now part of Design or Media. So the words are getting more abstract, not sure what the difference is in practice.


Check / Study proposal

I have a proposal that would work best as a workshop so hope to fit with other ideas.

Check / Study
Paper / Workshop proposal for Experimentality conference-

Flickr Link to experiment moving IAS to George Fox building





Move the IAS to George Fox, could be just for the day. Start at InfoLab, let the tech claims mount up. Critique at IAS, then visit Learning Zone to observe what survives. Bowland deli coffee bar for reflection.

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