experimentality - Peter Scott Gallery http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/category/tags/peter-scott-gallery/0 en Experimentality: Photography Competition and Exhibition http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/blog/photography-competition <p><span class="inline inline-right"><img src="http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/sites/default/files/images/experiment.jpg" alt="" title="" class="image image-_original " width="148" height="277" /></span>As part of our collaboration with the Peter Scott Gallery, we are delighted to launch a new photography competition. Anyone living in the Lancaster and Morecambe area can enter, young or old. Chosen by a distinguished panel, winning entries will form a public exhibition at the gallery from 13 January to 6 February 2010. </p><p>Entries should respond to the title of ‘The Experiment’. This could be a photograph of an actual or imagined experiment, or be experimental in form or content. You can use a digital or film camera, or more unusual kinds of photography (lomo, camera-less, pinhole, camera obscura etc).</p> <p><strong>Deadline for entries: </strong>Friday 4th December 2009.</p> <p>Max 1 image per entrant (composite images are fine), either as a print of on disc in jpeg format. Please do not email. Mark entries with your name, address, age and the title of photograph, and send to:-</p> <p>‘The Experiment’, Exhibitions &amp; Events Officer, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, LA1 4YW.</p><p></p><div class="image-clear"></div><p><a href="http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/blog/photography-competition" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/blog/photography-competition#comments Peter Scott Gallery photography Fri, 30 Oct 2009 09:57:19 +0000 Experimentality 142 at http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality