Creative submissions to The Experimental Society

We welcome proposals for The Experimental Society from creative practitioners, researchers and postgraduates whose practice engages with the conference themes. Proposals could involve a range of artforms including performance, dance, film or video, painting, drawing and sculpture.

Creative submissions should be clearly marked as such and include:

  • Details of the work (media, size/duration, date etc.)
  • An abstract which details the content of the work and its relation to the conference questions
  • Images of the work

We will have some capacity for delegates to present short durational pieces in a performance space, or to display visual arts in a gallery space.

However, we particularly encourage creative submissions along the following lines:

  • performance, visual art or film being used to supplement, or as an alternative to, conventional paper presentations in the parallel sessions
  • site-specific work that can take place outdoors

For self-employed artists there will be a small number of subsidised places available - please contact Anne-Marie Mumford:

Anne-Marie Mumford
Institute for Advanced Studies
County South
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YD, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1524 510816