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This was it

We had a lot of rain. But today there was light at the end of the dry tunnel. Anything can have a powerful effect!  The hills were miraculous from the estuary.

Sometimes we are more alive than other times. Bang a sound!

eBooks on YouTube / What is the policy on video and stills?

I have recently created a playlist on YouTube about the eBook. Starts with mostly critique from the LCC Futures Conference a couple of weeks ago. Then promotional ones from the London Book Fair. Seems to work ok as if the actual place is not too important. The Futures conference has been at Earl's Court usually but the print show has been postponed.

we are here

We are here? or I am here, this is what i like about being alive! This is how Ilike to start something? A CHORD, A NOTE, A RUN OF NOTES.


Cloudworks - update for my cloud on Plan, Do Check/Study, Act

I have updated a cloud about Plan- Do- Check/Study- Act

Now with references for Argyris on Action Science and Nonaka on the Knowledge Creating company.

This could be the basis for a paper or workshop but meanwhile the cloud format allows for comments and new content. This blog will try to keep up links.

Experimentality: Photography Competition and Exhibition

As part of our collaboration with the Peter Scott Gallery, we are delighted to launch a new photography competition. Anyone living in the Lancaster and Morecambe area can enter, young or old. Chosen by a distinguished panel, winning entries will form a public exhibition at the gallery from 13 January to 6 February 2010.

Entries should respond to the title of ‘The Experiment’. This could be a photograph of an actual or imagined experiment, or be experimental in form or content. You can use a digital or film camera, or more unusual kinds of photography (lomo, camera-less, pinhole, camera obscura etc).

Deadline for entries: Friday 4th December 2009.

Max 1 image per entrant (composite images are fine), either as a print of on disc in jpeg format. Please do not email. Mark entries with your name, address, age and the title of photograph, and send to:-

‘The Experiment’, Exhibitions & Events Officer, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, LA1 4YW.

link to Cloudworks, design, inquiry

Found this link today through Twitter @gconole

'Learning through Inquiry and Teaching-as-design' link

The inquiry is by the students, could be a form of experiment. The design has to be aware of how an experiment works.

What I like about Cloudworks is that there is a strong base in practice. The theory comes across through the design of the site. and it seems to be working in terms of people contributing content.

Hello Experimentalists

I'm glad to have signed up to the site and blog.

Steve Pumfrey.

Experimenting on ‘The Secret You’

On Tuesday 20th October 2009, as a part of their long-standing series ‘Horizon’, BBC2 screened an episode ‘THE SECRET YOU’ where Professor Marcus de Sautoy explored the issues of experimentality in relation to human self-awareness. The Finding Moonshine blog describes the programme in the following way: ‘[t]o find out what progress they are making Marcus becomes a human guinea-pig in a series of mind probing experiments. He begins by asking when our self awareness emerges and witnesses a cunning test that convincingly reveals a child’s sense of self before they are even capable of talking about what they are feeling. The experiment begs a question: are we alone in the world in being aware of ourselves?’ (

‘Daredevils’ as experimental figures

The recent Channel 4 series ‘Daredevils’ relate closely to the question of human experimentality in the non-academic but popular TV celebrity context. They exemplify an array of social themes and problematic questions about the nature of the experiment, its dissemination and public understanding.

Workshop 1: The Experimental Condition - blogs now online

On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 October, around fifty people gathered for the launch event of the Experimentality programme.  Participants enjoyed twelve papers that explored the notion of experimentality in relation to a variety of domains, a performance of Ringside by the performance artist Mem Morrison, and a great deal of very lively discussion. The blog postings on the presentations and discussion from the workshop can now be viewed online. 

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