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Bronislaw Szerszynski


Lancaster University

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I am Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster, and am directing the Experimentality programme for the Institute for Advanced Studies.

For the last 15 years my research has been concerned with developing new understandings of the changing relations with environment and technology in the modern world, drawing on social science and humanities disciplines.

I was one of the organisers of Between Nature: Explorations in Ecology and Performance, a large conference/arts event held at Lancaster University in 2000. I am the author of Nature, Technology and the Sacred (Blackwell, 2005), co-editor of Risk, Environment and Modernity: Towards a New Ecology (Sage, 1996) Re-Ordering Nature: Theology, Society and the New Genetics (T&T Clark, 2003) and Nature Performed: Environment, Culture and Performance (Blackwell, 2003). With John Urry I am also editing a forthcoming special issue of Theory, Culture and Society on climate change.


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