25 August 2016
If you're coming to Lancaster this October you'll be starting to think about what to bring with you. We can help you with that...

One of the most important things to think about is your bedding - you can bring your own but might want to consider buying some from our supplier to save having to carry your own here. Click2Campus are our supplier this year and you can view what they have to offer by visiting their online store. They can deliver it to your accommodation before you get here if you buy before their deadline. Please bear in mind that some of our beds are longer than standard size singles.

Our Residents' Handbook is a good place to start looking if you want to know what we provide in the accommodation. There's probably no need to bring kettles and microwaves for example, but you will need to think about pots and pans, cuttlery and crockery. Once again, you can bring your own or buy them from Lancaster's high street, but Click2Campus can also supply kitchen packs and deliver them to you.

For more information about accommodation and coming to university in general, see the Welcome Week mini site.