Customer Service

Our goal is to deliver service excellence.

We will be clear on what services and facilities we offer

  • by reviewing current service offered across the division
  • by removing duplication
  • by identifying and introducing new value adding services and stopping those which don't add value
  • by publishing details of the services we offer online and in other formats

We will improve the experience of all campus visitors

  • by continuing to improve campus landscape and amenities
  • by clearly signposting reception points
  • by reviewing front of house services
  • by introducing a student focused 'one stop shop'
  • by providing customer service training for the entire division
  • by fast-tracking the implementation of our retail strategy

We will improve efficiency

  • by introducing multi-skilling of the workforce
  • by competitively tendering all existing contracts for services & goods in order to provide best value
  • by reviewing our structure and service delivery models

We will modernise

  • by unifying our brand and image
  • by investing in all of our operations
  • by investing in our people through training & development
  • by introducing awards for facilities staff awards
  • by upgrading systems and equipment

We will introduce performance measurement

  • by defining world class
  • by benchmarking in-house and contractor service delivery/performance
  • by defining and publishing service levels
  • by publishing key performance indicators
  • by implementing a compliments and complaints procedureby measuring customer satisfaction