Work Updates

  • Spine Works in Deli Cut-through

    From Monday 7th August the cut-through between the Deli and LUSU Living will be closed for 6 weeks as part of the Spine Remodelling Project.

  • Wayfinding Project

    The University has invested in new external signage and maps to improve wayfinding across campus.

  • Underpass Access Restricted to One Stairway

    As from the 7th August, for a period of two weeks, access to the stairs from the Underpass nearest the Library are to be closed to allow for cabling works as part of the Spine Remodelling Project.

  • Faraday Complex Main Entrance Set to Re-open

    Works outside the Faraday Complex are set to move to the opposite side of the Spine pathway from Monday the 7th August.

  • Bowland Facade improvements made to Bowland Quad

    Between the 7th August and the 18th September works were carried out to improve the exterior of the Bowland Building.

  • LEC Spine Entrance Closure

    As work progresses on the Spine Remodelling Project, it is necessary to close the entrance to LEC from the Spine. This closure will be effective from Monday 31st July.

  • Ash House Colonnade Works

    On Monday 24th July, follow up works to the newly revitalised Great Hall Square are planned to commence for a period of seven weeks as part of the Spine Remodelling Project.

  • Great Hall Court Works

    From Monday 24th July, the Design the Spine contractors will extend the perimeter of their site at Great Hall Court to include the area of paving outside of County Bar.

  • Library Trial Holes Works

    From Monday 24th July to Friday 28th July, investigative works are planned to be carried our to the Library building at the South Spine entrance from Alexandra Square.

  • Library Canopy Works Go Ahead

    From the 24th July to the 25th August, works will be carried out to the canopy outside the main entrance of the Library which aim to increase the presence of the Library in Alexandra Square.