Improving and extending our facilities is a priority for the Management School. The LUMS Space Programme encapsulates our ambition to realise this priority. 

This month, the University has taken the decision to pause construction activity in order that a full reassessment of the plans can take place. This reassessment will include an examination of costs and designs in order to ensure that the Space Programme delivers the very best facilities for our students and staff at the same time as maximising value for money.

During this period it remains our upmost priority that staff and students continue to have access to high quality facilities across the campus. Until building work recommences we are keen to minimise inconvenience and, as such, are reopening lecture theatres 7 and 8 in the School, as well as releasing car parking spaces on Gillow Avenue in February.

We will keep you up to date on new plans, designed to offer best value for money, as well as increased capacity and sustainability as we strive towards realising the School’s 2025 Ambition. The timeline for the LUMS Space Programme will be updated once final plans are established.


Here, you can find all the latest news, diversion routes and FAQs about the LUMS SPACE Programme. Click on the buttons below for more information or use the navigation pane to the left of the screen. 

Aims of the SPACE Programme

At the very core of the LUMS ethos are the values of community, collaboration, creativity, impact and transformation. The Space Programme aims to demonstrate these values to the Management School’s international audience by creating a cutting edge building that reflects the School’s status as globally leading.

The building will provide new space, designed to accommodate the needs of our growing LUMS community.

The works being carried out play a major part in the LUMS strategic ambition to be recognised as a leading international management school. Complemented by other facilities around the Campus such as the brand new Library, offering quiet study space and group rooms, the Management School will provide state-of-the-art technology and study space.