Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions relate to the ambitious LUMS Space Programme infrastructure project is due to commence in July this year. Below is a summary of the questions asked so far. Please scroll down the page to view all questions. 

If you feel you have a question which is not answered below, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on or by phone: 01524 593333.


LUMS Space Programme Update

Improving and extending our facilities is a priority for the Management School. The LUMS Space Programme encapsulates our ambition to realise this priority.

This month, the University has taken the decision to pause construction activity in order that a full reassessment of the plans can take place. This reassessment will include an examination of costs and designs in order to ensure that the Space Programme delivers the very best facilities for our students and staff at the same time as maximising value for money.

During this period it remains our upmost priority that staff and students continue to have access to high quality facilities across the campus. Until building work recommences we are keen to minimise inconvenience and, as such, are reopening lecture theatres 7 and 8 in the School, as well as releasing car parking spaces on Gillow Avenue in February.


We will keep you up to date on new plans, designed to offer best value for money, as well as increased capacity and sustainability as we strive towards realising the School’s 2025 Ambition. The timeline for the LUMS Space Programme will be updated once final plans are established.


Which areas of the building are being worked on first?

The first phase of works is the preparatory works which involve the installation of hoardings around various parts of the school and around the site compound. The work is not deemed as noisy although some general construction noise is expected.

Hoardings will be erected around the outside of Lecture Theatres 5-8 in preparation for demolition. The hoarding will be erected along the Spine from the Spine entrance and down the pathway between LUMS and Engineering. At this point both areas will need to be closed off for around two weeks to allow for the hoarding to be safely erected. Diversion signs will be in place at this point.

Gillow Avenue, the visitor car park outside LUMS, will also be closed and surrounded by hoarding as this area is included in the site compound. Other parking arrangements have been made. The main entrance to LUMS will also be closed off and a diversion to the side entrance in to the HUB will be in place. All diversions will be clearly marked with directional signage.

For further information about diversion routes click here.

What will happen to the Bike Store whilst the works are going on?

Access to the Bike Store by Engineering will remain open, however, please be aware that whilst access is open, the route to the Bike Store will be via the Spine and may require riders to dismount from their bikes. Access from Farrer Avenue will also be available however there are steps on this route.

Plans are in place in the building designs to allow outdoor bike storage

Will the pathway between Engineering and LUMS remain open?

Yes. Although the pathway will be narrowed in places, the path will remain open. The only time this may be closed is for the installation or removal of hoardings in the area.

Will the new computer lab be used for teaching space?

There are three  computer rooms planned. An experimental computer lab near the west entrance and two, 50 seat computer labs situated in the new east pavilion. These computer rooms will provide bookable teaching space whilst offering drop in facilities outside of the timetable.

Will the reception area be affected by the closure of the main entrance?

Yes. The reception area will be moved in to meeting room 6 (directly opposite the HUB Café) whilst the area is closed. The new reception area will be signposted and clearly visible when entering the building via the temporary main entrance in to the HUB.

To see a map of the area showing the new ramp and new location of the reception area – Click here.

What sustainability measures are to be introduced in the project?

Sustainability is always at the forefront of any project around the University. The LUMS Space Programme has ensured steps are taken to introduce energy saving and sustainability where possible.

The project aims to achieve the highest BREEAM standard of ‘Outstanding’. Examples of how the project team will achieve this include:

  • mobilizing energy produced by the University’s wind turbine to reduce the buildings carbon footprint,
  • Reducing water usage by introducing 2 litre and 4 litre capacity cisterns in toilets
  • Utilising natural ventilation where possible in place of air-conditioning
  • Using A and AA rated materials throughout the building.
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Further information about the BREEAM assessment criteria can be found here.

Will the noise affect me?

The construction programme has been carefully phased to ensure minimal disruption. The Project phases minimise the disruption caused to any particular area. For example, for the first stages of the project; the demolition of Lecture Theatres 5-8, room bookings were moved in to Lecture Theatres 1-4 of the Welcome Centre.

Noise will undoubtedly affect certain areas at certain times. However, notice will be given to the affected areas in advance of the noisy works starting. Hoardings will be erected which will help mitigate noise to a certain degree and the method of how each task is conducted has been carefully thought through, using quieter methods where possible.

Noise levels have been classified as follows:

Low Level:  General Construction noise whereby little or no action can be taken to mitigate. This noise should not cause major disruption.

Medium Level: Notice of noisy works will be issued to surrounding areas and steps will be taken to mitigate the noise where possible.

High Level: Notice of noisy works will be issued to surrounding areas and additional space may be offered away from the disruption. Room bookings may be altered as rooms/routes may be closed. Steps will be taken to mitigate the noise where possible.

Measure already taken to mitigate disruption so far include:

  • Phasing of works has been evaluated to allow construction of the new build elements of the project to proceed without the need to move the students and staff of LUMS to another area of campus.
  • Location of the East Pavillion was moved north by 4 metres to allow the demolition of Lecture Theatres 5-8 without compromising access from LUMS to the Spine.
  • Concrete foundations are being used in place of steel piled foundations to reduce noise disruption.
  • The steel frame initially designed was swapped with concrete in order to minimise noise disruption.