Latest News

  • LUMS Space Programme

    LUMS Space Programme Update

    Improving and extending our facilities is a priority for the Management School. The LUMS Space Programme encapsulates our ambition to realise this priority.

  • The LUMS main entrance moves to side entrance by HUB Cafe

    From Monday the 11th September, the existing entrance to LUMS will be closed.

  • LUMS Reception Relocation

    The LUMS reception team have now moved from the reception area by the west entrance to the refurbished area previously occupied by meeting rooms 5 & 6 in the LUMS Building.

  • Trees_D_ 1600x370

    Tree Removal Plans; The Facts

    Various trees around the Management School must be removed and relocated over the duration of the project. The project team have carefully considered all outcomes for each tree and planned the most environmentally friendly way to move them. The first stages of tree removal will commence on Monday 21st August.