16 August 2017
Various trees around the Management School must be removed and relocated over the duration of the project. The project team have carefully considered all outcomes for each tree and planned the most environmentally friendly way to move them. The first stages of tree removal will commence on Monday 21st August.

Sustainability is always at the forefront of any project around the University. the LUMS Space Programme has ensured steps are taken to introduce energy saving and sustainability where possible.

The project aims to acheive the highest BREEAM standard of 'Outstanding'. Having an Arboricultural Method Statement created during the submission of planning has ensured that the protection, care and disposal of trees has been carefully thought-out to reduce waste and re-locate trees where possible.

A total of thirteen young trees are proposed for transplanting and re-use within the wider campus. A further 26 juvenile trees and one memorial tree were identified on the site. Lancaster University will transplant a total of 40 trees to suitable locations within the campus. 

93 new trees will be planted across the site as part of the landscape proposals. A further 6 individual trees will be retained. Of these retained trees, 11 are within the development red line boundary giving a final scheme tree count of 104 trees.

 Further information about BREEAM standards are available here. Click here to view the projects Tree Protection Plan.