New Diversion Update

Works outside the South Spine entrance from Alexandra Square are now complete.

Following the removal of the Canopy above the South Spine entrance, access to the South Spine is now open. Please be aware, however, that there is currently no through access in to Edward Roberts Court via the cut through next to the Deli.

Works in the cut-through between the Deli and LUSU Living have commenced which require the passage to be closed for a period of six weeks and as such there is no through access from Edward Roberts Court to the South Spine. The Deli is now closed whilst the works continue and access to LUSU Living is now available from the rear of the building from Edward Roberts Court only. A temporary gate system is in place to manage the flow of site traffic safely which will involve the presence of banksmen at each gate. 


Download the diversion map & information regarding:‌ South Spine cut-through diversion

New Diversion Update

Access to the North Spine from Alexandra Square is closed

From Monday 7th August, works in the area directly outside the Faraday Complex will complete and the site will move to the opposite side of the Spine thoroughfare for a period of 8 weeks as per the below diversion map.

From this point the mouth of the North Spine is closed and the diverted route is signposted through the Learning Zone and on through Bowland Quad.

The works require vehicular access past the entrance doors of the Chemist, Blackwell's and Subway which will be closely managed by at least two banksmen but may require temporary closures for a couple of minutes whilst plant machenery pass. Please note that access to all the shops/buildings along the spine will remain open throughout though people will not be able to access Alexandra Square via the North Spine outside Santander.

The works to be carried out are likely to create some low level noise disruption to the immediate area. Acoustic barriers will be used where possible however this will not reduce the noise completely. 


Download the diversion map & information regarding: Bowland Diversion

New Diversion Update

The Spine entrance to LEC is now closed


As works progress on the Spine Remodelling Project it is necessary close the entrance to LEC from the Spine effective from the 31st July. The temporary entrance will be via the Biology Lecture Theatre as per the diversion map attached.


The works are planned to continue for a period of 6 weeks and will involve the placement of a new tree outside the entrance as well as repaving and canopy installation works. This activity will cause noise disruption at a similar level to the noise recently experienced in the area. Acoustic barriers will be used to mitigate the noise as much as possible
Download the diversion map & information regarding: LEC Door Closure

New Diversion Update

Ash House & Great Hall Square 


On Monday 24th July, follow up works to the newly revitalised Great Hall Square commenced for a period of seven weeks as part of the Spine Remodelling Project.
These works are scheduled to take place in two parts. Stage one works start on Monday 24th July outside Ash House computer rooms. Stage two works start on Monday 31st July between the Ash House colonnade and entrance to Great Hall Square from Bowland Avenue.
Stage one works will last one week. The works involve the replacement of paving which runs along a strip of Great Hall Square, which was previously an access route whilst the square was under construction. The strip runs directly along the outskirts of Ash House. These works will have little impact on the square as the work area will be fenced off, however it is necessary to close one of the doors to the Ash House building. Noise may occur at low levels as the paving is being removed.
Stage two works will last six weeks and will commence following stage one's completion. The same paving works are being carried out, however the works will cover a larger area and require the entrance to Great Hall Square from Bowland Avenue to be closed for a short period. A short diversion wil l be clearly signposted which will lead to Great Hall Square from LICA. Access via this route is currently open.
Please be aware that one door to Bowland Annex and one door to Ash House will be closed whilst stage two works continue.

Download the diversion map & information regarding: Great Hall Court Diversion July17‌‌‌‌

New Diversion Update

Great Hall Court 

From Monday 24th July, the Design the Spine contractors extended the perimeter of their site at Great Hall Court to include the area of paving outside County Bar. Access has remained open to the Great Hall and the Peter Scott Gallery as previously achieved but the area directly outside County Bar is now closed off and diverted through County South Quad.
Diversion signs are in place.
Works in this area include new paving and the installation of a new canopy. This requires drilling and the use of machinery which will cause noise disruption to the surrounding area. Acoustic barriers are being used to mitigate the noise where possible. This area is expected to reopen for the end of September 2017.

Download the diversion map & information regarding: Great Hall Court Diversion July17

New Diversion Update

The Main Entrance to Furness College is now Closed 

The contractors working on the Spine Remodelling Project have started work on the new canopy dircetly outside Furness College main entrance. As a result of this, the main double doors from the Spine into the Furness College building are closed and there will be some noisy works taking place in this area for the next few weeks. Access into the Furness College building is still available through the quad on the Edward Roberts Court/Tower Avenue side of the building.
Please note that the accessible diversion route for the South Spine will remain unchanged throughout this period.

Download the diversion map & information regarding: Furness College Court Diversion Route Furness College Court Diversion Route 

New Diversion Update

The entrance to the Faraday Complex is now closed. 

The main entrance to Faraday building is closed as paving work commences in front of the building. Although one half of the Spine thoroughfare will remain open, access directly in to the building from the Spine is diverted through the newly opened Physics Garden. The wheelchair accessible route is also by the same route.

Download the diversion map & information regarding: Faraday Entrance Diversion‌‌