Henry Boot Construction Compounds

Below you'll find details of Henry Boot Construction Ltd's compound locations.

Avenue Closures/Partial Closures

John Creed Avenue is fully closed for main site compound set up. The Avenue will remain closed until late 2017.

A second compound will be located at the East end of Library Avenue. This compound is currently in place for the Alexandra Square and Underpass works and will remain here until September 2017. An additional six car parking spaces will be closed at each side of the Avenue to enable trucks to turn around at the Eastern end. 

The East end of Farrer Avenue is also housing a materials and storage compound until September 2017. There will be a loss of visitor parking in the avenue and six disabled spaces will be required to close. The University is working to relocate these spaces however other disabled spaces can be found in Library Avenue and Gillow Avenue.  

Compound and Access Layout for web