Portable Appliance Testing

You must not use items that fail the test. These will be indicated by a red sticker on the item and near the plug.

Testing in Offices and Academic Spaces

It is essential to test portable electrical appliances. Portable appliances are those of any size connected with a plug into a socket. The test will survey the condition of the electrical lead, plug and socket and will run a brief electrical test on appliances. This will involve shutting down and unplugging appliances that may currently be in operation, including computers, printers, TVs and fridges.

If any faults with leads are found (exposed or broken wires etc.) you will not be allowed to use the item again until the lead has been replaced, and the item will be marked as unsafe for use.

Please ensure any small items usually held in storage (e.g. laminators) are brought to the attention of the Technician to be tested, otherwise they will be over-looked.

Items to be tested include Answering Machines, Faces, Battery Chargers, CD Players, Burnishers, Camcorders, Cameras, Cash Tills, Centrifuges, Dishwashers, Drinks Coolers, Shredders, Extension Leads, Fans, Food Mixers, Fridge Freezers, Games Machines, Hair Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Heaters, Humidifiers, Kettles, Kettle Leads, Desk Lamps, Lighting Rigs, Microscopes, Microwaves, Modems, Ovens, Projectors, Photocopiers, Coffee Machines, Printers, Printer Leads, Televisions, Toasters, Vending Machines, DVD & Video Players.

Testing in Lancaster University Residential Buildings

Testing is carried out, as described above, but it is not University policy to check personal electric items, laptops, alarm clocks, music systems etc. In a residential flat, it is likely to involve a quick test of standard kitchen equipment (kettle, fridge-freezer, microwave etc.) and any electrical cleaning equipment stored in the flat.

Testing Schedule for 2014

Please note that as all items were tested in 2012, only those items on the 6 or 12 month testing schedule need to be tested.
Dates are subject to change


w/c 4 August 2014

Bowland Annexe

Bowland ASH House


w/c 11 August 2014

Great Hall & Music Extension

w/c 18 August 2014

Faraday Building

Physics Building


w/c 15 September 2014

Bowland East

Bowland South

Bowland Tower

Slaidburn House

Chancellor's Wharf

w/c 22 September 2014

Bowland Main


w/c 3 November 2014

Conference Centre

George Fox Building

Security Lodge

w/c 17 November 2014

University House

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