Emergency Lighting Testing

Frequency: Monthly

Locations: Communal areas and bathrooms

Lancaster University electricians will test all emergency light fittings within a building on a monthly basis. Emergency light fittings are found in corridors, stairwells and other communal areas of buildings, possibly including toilet areas. Each fitting will be subject to a brief visual test to ensure its operation. Tests of a longer duration are carried out at 6 and 12 month intervals.

Testing Schedule


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Week Commencing Building
01-Jan-18 LEC 1 & 2
01-Jan-18 Security Lodge
08-Jan-18 Bailrigg House
08-Jan-18 Bowland Annexe
08-Jan-18 Bowland ASH House
08-Jan-18 Pre-School Centre
08-Jan-18 Ruskin Library
15-Jan-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
15-Jan-18 Barker House Farm
15-Jan-18 Bowland East
15-Jan-18 Bowland Hall
15-Jan-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
15-Jan-18 Bowland Main
15-Jan-18 Bowland North
15-Jan-18 Bowland South
15-Jan-18 Bowland Tower
15-Jan-18 Chancellor's Wharf
15-Jan-18 Chaplaincy Centre
15-Jan-18 Charles Carter Building
15-Jan-18 County John Creed
15-Jan-18 Furness Residences
15-Jan-18 Fylde College
15-Jan-18 Great Hall
15-Jan-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
15-Jan-18 HR Building
15-Jan-18 LEC 3
15-Jan-18 Library
15-Jan-18 LICA
15-Jan-18 Music Building
15-Jan-18 PSC
15-Jan-18 Science and Technology
15-Jan-18 Sports Centre
15-Jan-18 Sub Station 9
22-Jan-18 Energy Centre
22-Jan-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
22-Jan-18 Faraday Building
22-Jan-18 George Fox Building
22-Jan-18 ISS Building
22-Jan-18 Lancaster House Hotel
22-Jan-18 Main Substation
22-Jan-18 Management School
22-Jan-18 Physics Building
22-Jan-18 The Roundhouse
22-Jan-18 University House
22-Jan-18 Welcome Centre
22-Jan-18 Whewell Building
29-Jan-18 CEH
29-Jan-18 County South
29-Jan-18 InfoLab21
29-Jan-18 LEC 1 & 2
29-Jan-18 Management School
29-Jan-18 Pendle College
29-Jan-18 Slaidburn House
29-Jan-18 Sugar House
29-Jan-18 The Work Foundation London
February  Back to top
05-Feb-18 LEC 1 & 2
05-Feb-18 Security Lodge
12-Feb-18 Bailrigg House
12-Feb-18 Bowland Annexe
12-Feb-18 Bowland ASH House
12-Feb-18 Bowland East
12-Feb-18 Bowland Hall
12-Feb-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
12-Feb-18 Bowland North
12-Feb-18 Bowland Tower
12-Feb-18 Great Hall
12-Feb-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
12-Feb-18 LEC 3
12-Feb-18 Pre-School Centre
12-Feb-18 Ruskin Library
19-Feb-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
19-Feb-18 Barker House Farm
19-Feb-18 Bowland Main
19-Feb-18 Bowland South
19-Feb-18 Chancellor's Wharf
19-Feb-18 Chaplaincy Centre
19-Feb-18 Charles Carter Building
19-Feb-18 County John Creed
19-Feb-18 Energy Centre
19-Feb-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
19-Feb-18 Furness Residences
19-Feb-18 Fylde College
19-Feb-18 HR Building
19-Feb-18 Lancaster House Hotel
19-Feb-18 Library
19-Feb-18 LICA
19-Feb-18 Management School
19-Feb-18 Music Building
19-Feb-18 PSC
19-Feb-18 Science and Technology
19-Feb-18 Sports Centre
19-Feb-18 Sub Station 9
19-Feb-18 The Roundhouse
19-Feb-18 University House
26-Feb-18 CEH
26-Feb-18 County South
26-Feb-18 Faraday Building
26-Feb-18 George Fox Building
26-Feb-18 InfoLab21
26-Feb-18 ISS Building
26-Feb-18 LEC 1 & 2
26-Feb-18 Main Substation
26-Feb-18 Management School
26-Feb-18 Pendle College
26-Feb-18 Physics Building
26-Feb-18 Slaidburn House
26-Feb-18 Sugar House
26-Feb-18 The Work Foundation London
26-Feb-18 Welcome Centre
26-Feb-18 Whewell Building
March  Back to top
05-Mar-18 LEC 1 & 2
05-Mar-18 Security Lodge
12-Mar-18 Bailrigg House
12-Mar-18 Bowland Annexe
12-Mar-18 Bowland ASH House
12-Mar-18 Bowland East
12-Mar-18 Bowland Hall
12-Mar-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
12-Mar-18 Bowland North
12-Mar-18 Bowland Tower
12-Mar-18 Great Hall
12-Mar-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
12-Mar-18 LEC 3
12-Mar-18 Pre-School Centre
12-Mar-18 Ruskin Library
19-Mar-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
19-Mar-18 Barker House Farm
19-Mar-18 Bowland Main
19-Mar-18 Bowland South
19-Mar-18 Chancellor's Wharf
19-Mar-18 Chaplaincy Centre
19-Mar-18 Charles Carter Building
19-Mar-18 County John Creed
19-Mar-18 Energy Centre
19-Mar-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
19-Mar-18 Furness Residences
19-Mar-18 Fylde College
19-Mar-18 HR Building
19-Mar-18 Lancaster House Hotel
19-Mar-18 Library
19-Mar-18 LICA
19-Mar-18 Management School
19-Mar-18 Music Building
19-Mar-18 PSC
19-Mar-18 Science and Technology
19-Mar-18 Sports Centre
19-Mar-18 Sub Station 9
19-Mar-18 The Roundhouse
26-Mar-18 CEH
26-Mar-18 County South
26-Mar-18 Faraday Building
26-Mar-18 George Fox Building
26-Mar-18 InfoLab21
26-Mar-18 ISS Building
26-Mar-18 LEC 1 & 2
26-Mar-18 Main Substation
26-Mar-18 Management School
26-Mar-18 Pendle College
26-Mar-18 Physics Building
26-Mar-18 Slaidburn House
26-Mar-18 Sugar House
26-Mar-18 The Work Foundation London
26-Mar-18 University House
26-Mar-18 Welcome Centre
26-Mar-18 Whewell Building
April  Back to top
02-Apr-18 LEC 1 & 2
02-Apr-18 Security Lodge
09-Apr-18 Bailrigg House
09-Apr-18 Bowland Annexe
09-Apr-18 Bowland ASH House
09-Apr-18 Bowland East
09-Apr-18 Bowland Hall
09-Apr-18 Bowland North
09-Apr-18 Pre-School Centre
09-Apr-18 Ruskin Library
16-Apr-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
16-Apr-18 Barker House Farm
16-Apr-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
16-Apr-18 Bowland Main
16-Apr-18 Bowland South
16-Apr-18 Bowland Tower
16-Apr-18 Chancellor's Wharf
16-Apr-18 Chaplaincy Centre
16-Apr-18 Charles Carter Building
16-Apr-18 County John Creed
16-Apr-18 Furness Residences
16-Apr-18 Fylde College
16-Apr-18 Great Hall
16-Apr-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
16-Apr-18 HR Building
16-Apr-18 Lancaster House Hotel
16-Apr-18 LEC 3
16-Apr-18 Library
16-Apr-18 LICA
16-Apr-18 Management School
16-Apr-18 Music Building
16-Apr-18 PSC
16-Apr-18 Science and Technology
16-Apr-18 Sports Centre
16-Apr-18 Sub Station 9
16-Apr-18 The Roundhouse
23-Apr-18 Energy Centre
23-Apr-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
23-Apr-18 Faraday Building
23-Apr-18 George Fox Building
23-Apr-18 ISS Building
23-Apr-18 Main Substation
23-Apr-18 Physics Building
23-Apr-18 University House
23-Apr-18 Welcome Centre
23-Apr-18 Whewell Building
30-Apr-18 CEH
30-Apr-18 County South
30-Apr-18 InfoLab21
30-Apr-18 LEC 1 & 2
30-Apr-18 Management School
30-Apr-18 Pendle College
30-Apr-18 Slaidburn House
30-Apr-18 Sugar House
30-Apr-18 The Work Foundation London
May  Back to top
07-May-18 LEC 1 & 2
07-May-18 Security Lodge
14-May-18 Bailrigg House
14-May-18 Bowland Annexe
14-May-18 Bowland ASH House
14-May-18 Bowland East
14-May-18 Bowland Hall
14-May-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
14-May-18 Bowland Main
14-May-18 Bowland North
14-May-18 Bowland South
14-May-18 Bowland Tower
14-May-18 Chaplaincy Centre
14-May-18 Charles Carter Building
14-May-18 Furness Residences
14-May-18 Great Hall
14-May-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
14-May-18 HR Building
14-May-18 LEC 3
14-May-18 Library
14-May-18 Music Building
14-May-18 Pre-School Centre
14-May-18 Ruskin Library
21-May-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
21-May-18 Barker House Farm
21-May-18 Chancellor's Wharf
21-May-18 County John Creed
21-May-18 Energy Centre
21-May-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
21-May-18 Fylde College
21-May-18 Lancaster House Hotel
21-May-18 LICA
21-May-18 Management School
21-May-18 PSC
21-May-18 Science and Technology
21-May-18 Sports Centre
21-May-18 Sub Station 9
21-May-18 The Roundhouse
28-May-18 CEH
28-May-18 County South
28-May-18 Faraday Building
28-May-18 George Fox Building
28-May-18 InfoLab21
28-May-18 ISS Building
28-May-18 LEC 1 & 2
28-May-18 Main Substation
28-May-18 Management School
28-May-18 Pendle College
28-May-18 Physics Building
28-May-18 Slaidburn House
28-May-18 Sugar House
28-May-18 The Work Foundation London
28-May-18 University House
28-May-18 Welcome Centre
28-May-18 Whewell Building
June  Back to top
04-Jun-18 LEC 1 & 2
04-Jun-18 Security Lodge
11-Jun-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
11-Jun-18 Bailrigg House
11-Jun-18 Barker House Farm
11-Jun-18 Bowland Annexe
11-Jun-18 Bowland ASH House
11-Jun-18 Bowland East
11-Jun-18 Bowland Hall
11-Jun-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
11-Jun-18 Bowland Main
11-Jun-18 Bowland North
11-Jun-18 Bowland South
11-Jun-18 Bowland Tower
11-Jun-18 CEH
11-Jun-18 Chancellor's Wharf
11-Jun-18 Chaplaincy Centre
11-Jun-18 Charles Carter Building
11-Jun-18 County John Creed
11-Jun-18 County South
11-Jun-18 Energy Centre
11-Jun-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
11-Jun-18 Faraday Building
11-Jun-18 Furness Residences
11-Jun-18 Fylde College
11-Jun-18 George Fox Building
11-Jun-18 Great Hall
11-Jun-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
11-Jun-18 HR Building
11-Jun-18 InfoLab21
11-Jun-18 ISS Building
11-Jun-18 Lancaster House Hotel
11-Jun-18 LEC 3
11-Jun-18 Library
11-Jun-18 LICA
11-Jun-18 Main Substation
11-Jun-18 Management School
11-Jun-18 Music Building
11-Jun-18 Pendle College
11-Jun-18 Physics Building
11-Jun-18 Pre-School Centre
11-Jun-18 Pre-School Centre
11-Jun-18 PSC
11-Jun-18 Ruskin Library
11-Jun-18 Science and Technology
11-Jun-18 Sub Station 9
11-Jun-18 Sugar House
11-Jun-18 The Work Foundation London
18-Jun-18 LEC 1 & 2
18-Jun-18 Management School
18-Jun-18 Security Lodge
18-Jun-18 Slaidburn House
18-Jun-18 Sports Centre
18-Jun-18 Sugar House
18-Jun-18 The Bungalow
18-Jun-18 The Croft
18-Jun-18 The Roundhouse
18-Jun-18 University House
18-Jun-18 Whewell Building
25-Jun-18 LEC 1 & 2
25-Jun-18 Welcome Centre
July  Back to top
09-Jul-18 Bailrigg House
09-Jul-18 Bowland Annexe
09-Jul-18 Bowland ASH House
09-Jul-18 Bowland East
09-Jul-18 Bowland Hall
09-Jul-18 Bowland North
09-Jul-18 Pre-School Centre
09-Jul-18 Ruskin Library
16-Jul-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
16-Jul-18 Barker House Farm
16-Jul-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
16-Jul-18 Bowland Main
16-Jul-18 Bowland South
16-Jul-18 Bowland Tower
16-Jul-18 Chancellor's Wharf
16-Jul-18 Chaplaincy Centre
16-Jul-18 Charles Carter Building
16-Jul-18 County John Creed
16-Jul-18 Furness Residences
16-Jul-18 Fylde College
16-Jul-18 Great Hall
16-Jul-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
16-Jul-18 HR Building
16-Jul-18 Lancaster House Hotel
16-Jul-18 LEC 3
16-Jul-18 Library
16-Jul-18 LICA
16-Jul-18 Management School
16-Jul-18 Music Building
16-Jul-18 PSC
16-Jul-18 Science and Technology
16-Jul-18 Sports Centre
16-Jul-18 Sub Station 9
16-Jul-18 The Roundhouse
23-Jul-18 Energy Centre
23-Jul-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
23-Jul-18 Faraday Building
23-Jul-18 George Fox Building
23-Jul-18 ISS Building
23-Jul-18 Main Substation
23-Jul-18 Physics Building
23-Jul-18 University House
23-Jul-18 Welcome Centre
23-Jul-18 Whewell Building
30-Jul-18 CEH
30-Jul-18 County South
30-Jul-18 InfoLab21
30-Jul-18 LEC 1 & 2
30-Jul-18 Management School
30-Jul-18 Pendle College
30-Jul-18 Slaidburn House
30-Jul-18 Sugar House
30-Jul-18 The Work Foundation London
August  Back to top
06-Aug-18 LEC 1 & 2
06-Aug-18 Security Lodge
13-Aug-18 Bailrigg House
13-Aug-18 Bowland Annexe
13-Aug-18 Bowland ASH House
13-Aug-18 Bowland East
13-Aug-18 Bowland Hall
13-Aug-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
13-Aug-18 Bowland North
13-Aug-18 Bowland Tower
13-Aug-18 Great Hall
13-Aug-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
13-Aug-18 HR Building
13-Aug-18 LEC 3
13-Aug-18 Library
13-Aug-18 Music Building
13-Aug-18 Pre-School Centre
13-Aug-18 Ruskin Library
20-Aug-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
20-Aug-18 Barker House Farm
20-Aug-18 Bowland Main
20-Aug-18 Bowland South
20-Aug-18 Chancellor's Wharf
20-Aug-18 Chaplaincy Centre
20-Aug-18 Charles Carter Building
20-Aug-18 County John Creed
20-Aug-18 Energy Centre
20-Aug-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
20-Aug-18 Furness Residences
20-Aug-18 Fylde College
20-Aug-18 Lancaster House Hotel
20-Aug-18 LICA
20-Aug-18 Management School
20-Aug-18 PSC
20-Aug-18 Science and Technology
20-Aug-18 Sports Centre
20-Aug-18 Sub Station 9
20-Aug-18 The Roundhouse
27-Aug-18 CEH
27-Aug-18 County South
27-Aug-18 Faraday Building
27-Aug-18 George Fox Building
27-Aug-18 InfoLab21
27-Aug-18 ISS Building
27-Aug-18 LEC 1 & 2
27-Aug-18 Main Substation
27-Aug-18 Management School
27-Aug-18 Pendle College
27-Aug-18 Physics Building
27-Aug-18 Slaidburn House
27-Aug-18 Sugar House
27-Aug-18 The Work Foundation London
27-Aug-18 University House
27-Aug-18 Welcome Centre
27-Aug-18 Whewell Building
September  Back to top
03-Sep-18 LEC 1 & 2
03-Sep-18 Security Lodge
10-Sep-18 Bailrigg House
10-Sep-18 Bowland Annexe
10-Sep-18 Bowland ASH House
10-Sep-18 Bowland East
10-Sep-18 Bowland Hall
10-Sep-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
10-Sep-18 Bowland North
10-Sep-18 Bowland Tower
10-Sep-18 Great Hall
10-Sep-18 Pre-School Centre
10-Sep-18 Ruskin Library
17-Sep-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
17-Sep-18 Barker House Farm
17-Sep-18 Bowland Main
17-Sep-18 Bowland South
17-Sep-18 Chancellor's Wharf
17-Sep-18 Chaplaincy Centre
17-Sep-18 Charles Carter Building
17-Sep-18 County John Creed
17-Sep-18 Furness Residences
17-Sep-18 Fylde College
17-Sep-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
17-Sep-18 HR Building
17-Sep-18 Lancaster House Hotel
17-Sep-18 LEC 3
17-Sep-18 Library
17-Sep-18 LICA
17-Sep-18 Management School
17-Sep-18 Music Building
17-Sep-18 PSC
17-Sep-18 Science and Technology
17-Sep-18 Sports Centre
17-Sep-18 Sub Station 9
17-Sep-18 The Roundhouse
24-Sep-18 CEH
24-Sep-18 County South
24-Sep-18 Energy Centre
24-Sep-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
24-Sep-18 Faraday Building
24-Sep-18 George Fox Building
24-Sep-18 InfoLab21
24-Sep-18 ISS Building
24-Sep-18 LEC 1 & 2
24-Sep-18 Main Substation
24-Sep-18 Management School
24-Sep-18 Pendle College
24-Sep-18 Physics Building
24-Sep-18 Slaidburn House
24-Sep-18 Sugar House
24-Sep-18 The Work Foundation London
24-Sep-18 University House
24-Sep-18 Welcome Centre
24-Sep-18 Whewell Building
October  Back to top
01-Oct-18 LEC 1 & 2
01-Oct-18 Security Lodge
08-Oct-18 Bailrigg House
08-Oct-18 Bowland Annexe
08-Oct-18 Bowland ASH House
08-Oct-18 Pre-School Centre
08-Oct-18 Ruskin Library
15-Oct-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
15-Oct-18 Barker House Farm
15-Oct-18 Bowland East
15-Oct-18 Bowland Hall
15-Oct-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
15-Oct-18 Bowland Main
15-Oct-18 Bowland North
15-Oct-18 Bowland South
15-Oct-18 Bowland Tower
15-Oct-18 Chancellor's Wharf
15-Oct-18 Chaplaincy Centre
15-Oct-18 Charles Carter Building
15-Oct-18 County John Creed
15-Oct-18 Furness Residences
15-Oct-18 Fylde College
15-Oct-18 Great Hall
15-Oct-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
15-Oct-18 HR Building
15-Oct-18 LEC 3
15-Oct-18 Library
15-Oct-18 LICA
15-Oct-18 Music Building
15-Oct-18 PSC
15-Oct-18 Science and Technology
15-Oct-18 Sports Centre
15-Oct-18 Sub Station 9
22-Oct-18 Energy Centre
22-Oct-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
22-Oct-18 Faraday Building
22-Oct-18 George Fox Building
22-Oct-18 ISS Building
22-Oct-18 Lancaster House Hotel
22-Oct-18 Main Substation
22-Oct-18 Management School
22-Oct-18 Physics Building
22-Oct-18 The Roundhouse
22-Oct-18 University House
22-Oct-18 Welcome Centre
22-Oct-18 Whewell Building
29-Oct-18 CEH
29-Oct-18 County South
29-Oct-18 InfoLab21
29-Oct-18 LEC 1 & 2
29-Oct-18 Management School
29-Oct-18 Pendle College
29-Oct-18 Slaidburn House
29-Oct-18 Sugar House
29-Oct-18 The Work Foundation London
November  Back to top
05-Nov-18 LEC 1 & 2
05-Nov-18 Security Lodge
12-Nov-18 Bailrigg House
12-Nov-18 Bowland Annexe
12-Nov-18 Bowland ASH House
12-Nov-18 Bowland East
12-Nov-18 Bowland Hall
12-Nov-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
12-Nov-18 Bowland North
12-Nov-18 Bowland Tower
12-Nov-18 Great Hall
12-Nov-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
12-Nov-18 LEC 3
12-Nov-18 Pre-School Centre
12-Nov-18 Ruskin Library
19-Nov-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
19-Nov-18 Barker House Farm
19-Nov-18 Bowland Main
19-Nov-18 Bowland South
19-Nov-18 Chancellor's Wharf
19-Nov-18 Chaplaincy Centre
19-Nov-18 Charles Carter Building
19-Nov-18 County John Creed
19-Nov-18 Energy Centre
19-Nov-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
19-Nov-18 Furness Residences
19-Nov-18 Fylde College
19-Nov-18 HR Building
19-Nov-18 Lancaster House Hotel
19-Nov-18 Library
19-Nov-18 LICA
19-Nov-18 Management School
19-Nov-18 Music Building
19-Nov-18 PSC
19-Nov-18 Science and Technology
19-Nov-18 Sports Centre
19-Nov-18 Sub Station 9
19-Nov-18 The Roundhouse
26-Nov-18 CEH
26-Nov-18 County South
26-Nov-18 Faraday Building
26-Nov-18 George Fox Building
26-Nov-18 InfoLab21
26-Nov-18 ISS Building
26-Nov-18 LEC 1 & 2
26-Nov-18 Main Substation
26-Nov-18 Management School
26-Nov-18 Pendle College
26-Nov-18 Physics Building
26-Nov-18 Slaidburn House
26-Nov-18 Sugar House
26-Nov-18 The Work Foundation London
26-Nov-18 University House
26-Nov-18 Welcome Centre
26-Nov-18 Whewell Building
December  Back to top
03-Dec-18 LEC 1 & 2
03-Dec-18 Security Lodge
10-Dec-18 Bailrigg House
10-Dec-18 Barker House Farm
10-Dec-18 Bowland Annexe
10-Dec-18 Bowland ASH House
10-Dec-18 Bowland East
10-Dec-18 Bowland Hall
10-Dec-18 Bowland Main
10-Dec-18 Energy Centre
10-Dec-18 LEC 3
10-Dec-18 Pre-School Centre
10-Dec-18 Ruskin Library
17-Dec-18 Graduate College 1-11, Lonsdale House
17-Dec-18 Bowland Hall Residencies
17-Dec-18 Bowland North
17-Dec-18 Bowland South
17-Dec-18 Bowland Tower
17-Dec-18 CEH
17-Dec-18 Chancellor's Wharf
17-Dec-18 Chaplaincy Centre
17-Dec-18 Charles Carter Building
17-Dec-18 County John Creed
17-Dec-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
17-Dec-18 Faraday Building
17-Dec-18 Furness Residences
17-Dec-18 Fylde College
17-Dec-18 George Fox Building
17-Dec-18 Great Hall
17-Dec-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
17-Dec-18 HR Building
17-Dec-18 ISS Building
17-Dec-18 Lancaster House Hotel
17-Dec-18 LEC 3
17-Dec-18 Library
17-Dec-18 LICA
17-Dec-18 Main Substation
17-Dec-18 Music Building
17-Dec-18 Pendle College
17-Dec-18 Physics Building
17-Dec-18 Pre-School Centre
17-Dec-18 PSC
17-Dec-18 Science and Technology
17-Dec-18 Slaidburn House
17-Dec-18 Sports Centre
17-Dec-18 Sub Station 9
17-Dec-18 Sugar House
17-Dec-18 The Work Foundation London
17-Dec-18 University House
17-Dec-18 Whewell Building
24-Dec-18 Chancellor's Wharf
24-Dec-18 County South
24-Dec-18 Energy Centre
24-Dec-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
24-Dec-18 InfoLab21
24-Dec-18 LEC 1 & 2
24-Dec-18 Management School
24-Dec-18 Management School
24-Dec-18 Security Lodge
24-Dec-18 The Roundhouse
24-Dec-18 Welcome Centre

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