Fire Protection Inspections

Lancaster University has a responsibility to Inspect on Fire Protection on site every 12 months. Fire Protection Inspection involves assessing compartmentation, fire stopping, signage, combustible materials and more. Part of this inspection will involve two members of the Lancaster University Maintenance team checking many of the parts of every fire door in the buildings, and usually takes less than five minutes per door.

We usually schedule one week per building, though this may vary depending upon the size and complexity of the building. Technicians will need to come back, should any faults be found that they are not able to repair during the inspection.

2018 Schedule

Week Commencing Building
01-Jan-18 The Croft
01-Jan-18 The Bungalow
01-Jan-18 Bailrigg House
01-Jan-18 LICA
08-Jan-18 Music Building
08-Jan-18 Great Hall
15-Jan-18 The Roundhouse
15-Jan-18 Bigforth Farm
22-Jan-18 Library
29-Jan-18 Bowland Hall
29-Jan-18 CETAD
05-Feb-18 Charles Carter Building
05-Feb-18 Life Sciences & Environment Laboratories
05-Feb-18 Bowland Annexe
12-Feb-18 County South
12-Feb-18 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Building
19-Feb-18 County John Creed
26-Feb-18 Bowland ASH House
26-Feb-18 Chaplaincy Centre
05-Mar-18 Bowland North
05-Mar-18 Sugar House
12-Mar-18 Slaidburn House
12-Mar-18 Bowland East
12-Mar-18 Bowland Tower
12-Mar-18 Bowland South
19-Mar-18 Engineering Building
16-Apr-18 Furness College
16-Apr-18 Ruskin Library
23-Apr-18 Pre-School Centre
23-Apr-18 Fylde College
23-Apr-18 PSC
30-Apr-18 LEC 3
30-Apr-18 LEC 1 & 2
07-May-18 Faraday Building
07-May-18 Welcome Centre
07-May-18 Lancaster House Hotel
14-May-18 ISS Building
14-May-18 Security Lodge
14-May-18 HR Building
21-May-18 IsoLab
21-May-18 Physics Building
28-May-18 University House
28-May-18 Central Workshops
28-May-18 Energy Centre
05-Jun-18 Sports Centre
11-Jun-18 Main Substation
18-Jun-18 Resource Centre
18-Jun-18 Halton Boat House
18-Jun-18 Hazelrigg Field Station
08-Oct-18 Furness Residences
15-Oct-18 Bowland Main
22-Oct-18 Chancellor's Wharf
29-Oct-18 Science and Technology
29-Oct-18 Whewell Building
05-Nov-18 Management School
12-Nov-18 George Fox Building
19-Nov-18 Barker House Farm
19-Nov-18 InfoLab21
26-Nov-18 Grizedale College - Offices, Bar & Social Space
03-Dec-18 Pendle College
03-Dec-18 Alexandra Park
17-Dec-18 Lonsdale House (Block 12)