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Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology MSc

Environmental and Biochemical Toxicology are disciplines that underpin a vast array of services. There is a recognised shortage of qualified scientists in such areas; a fact highlighted both by academic societies and industry.

This MSc provides you with an appreciation of the underlying principles of how chemicals adversely affect living organisms. This includes appreciating the diverse applications of toxicology, from identifying mechanisms through to hazard assessment, and understanding the effects on human health, in terms of biotransformation, mutation and neurological impairments.

We also emphasise practical experience gained through the use of cutting-edge techniques in research laboratories. You will also learn general scientific skills in hypotheses testing, problem solving, dealing with scientific literature, and experimental design and rigour.

After finishing this course you will be ready to enter consultancy or industry or to progress to PhD study.

Core modules:Consequences of Toxic EffectsDissertation ProjectToxicological Mechanisms and Measurements

Optional modules:

Four optional modules from the following (subject to change)Behaviour of Pollutants in the EnvironmentBiological Effects of Air Pollution and Climate ChangeCell Biology Research SkillsChemical Risk AssessmentClinical TrialsContaminated Land and RemediationData Analysis and InterpretationData Assimilation and IntegrationDisaster ManagementDisease of the BrainDrug Development (from concept to clinic)Environmental EpidemiologyEnvironmental RadioactivityEnvironmental Sampling and Analysis for Trace OrganicsEnvironmental ToxicologyFundamental Research SkillsGenomics - technologies and analyses of its dataImmunologyMicrobes and DiseaseModels of Disease and AgeingMolecular Basis of CancerMolecular Biology Research SkillsNumerical SkillsPollution MicrobiologyPrinciples of EpidemiologySafety and Environmental Impact Assessment: an Industrial Perspective