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Psychology of Advertising MSc

This novel MSc is designed to link psychological research skills and knowledge of human behaviour with the domain of advertising. A major feature of the course is the integration of theory with the practical reality of advertising. As well as developing an understanding of advertising research design, you will undertake dissertation research that applies psychological theory to leading-edge issues in advertising or to real-time commercial needs. This is conducted within an unpaid internship during the summer term with a communications organisation (giving invaluable commercial experience), or within the postgraduate department for more specialised ‘lab based’ experiments. This course provides ESRC accredited training.

During the course, you will experience both academic and practitioner contributions, and will acquire a firm understanding of issues such as:

How is success predicted by the characteristics of people receiving advertising media as well as the characteristics of those who develop the media? What causes campaigns to fail? How cognitive, social, developmental and neuropsychological factors combine to influence advertising communications, and much more.

You will be well placed for client or agency opportunities in advertising planning, marketing communications, media planning, digital marketing, brand planning, and qualitative research on graduation.

Compulsory modules:Advanced Advertising TheoryAnalysing and Interpreting DataAnalysing Talk and TextDissertationPractical Advertising Research and PlanningPsychological Aspects of Advertising