Pure Mathematics Seminar: Nico Spronk

Nico Spronk, University of Waterloo

Wednesday 13 August 2014, 1500-1600
A54, Postgraduate Statistics Centre Lecture Theatre

Amenability properties of central Fourier algebras of compact groups

Let $G$ be a compact group and $ZA(G)$ be the ``central Fourier algebra", i.e. the algebra of those $u$ in A(G)$ for which $u(x)=(yxy^{-1})$ for each $x,y$ in $G$. I will discuss amenability and weak amenability for these algebras. The latter property holds exactly when $G$ admits no connected non-abelian subgroups. For virtually abelian $G$, $ZA(G)$ is amenable. I will present evidence for the converse, in particular infinite products of finite groups.

This represents joint work with M. Alaghmandan.