Exploring the Relationship between Personalised Learning and Enquiry-Based Learning in Enhancing the Student Learning Experience

Tuesday 03 November 2009, 1300-1400
Postgraduate Statistics Centre, Computer Lab 2 (A46/A49)

Personalised Learning (PL) has entered the educational lexicon through government policy for schools. At the University of Manchester it is characterised by: the choice of learners in what, when and how they learn; small-group or individual scale discussions with their tutors, with a great degree of interaction and self-expression.

Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) is an open, flexible, social and supported form of learning that values, stimulates and nurtures people's natural capacity for enquiry.

Many of the features of EBL naturally express the characteristics of PL. Each of the characteristics of PL is taken in turn showing how EBL expresses them; these are supported with reference to practice in the University of Manchester.

This talk will demonstrate how many of the aspirations of PL can be realised through the delivery of the curriculum by EBL in a way that enhances the student learning experience.