More than a number: Forensic evidence - Use and misuse

Dr David Lucy, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University

Wednesday 25 September 2013, 1900-2000
Central Lancaster High School

This talk will be on how very simple consideration of the statistical properties of forensic observations can help us place value upon evidence from forensic scientists, and help members of juries, and other individuals involved in the criminal, and civil law, come to decisions which are well founded in the light of that evidence. In it we shall look at some commonplace forensic observations from cases which have come before the criminal courts in the last few years, and see how the evidence in these cases can be evaluated in an intuitive way.

The talk will then look at how popular perceptions of forensic evidence can lead to the mistreatment of that evidence to the extent that erroneous conclusions can be drawn as to the ultimate issue of guilt or innocence of any defendant.

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More than a number

More than a number is a series of public lectures throughout 2013 in celebration of the international year of statistics. A series of statisticians from the department will be talking about the exciting work that they do and how it relates to daily life.

From the approval of medicine, to fighting the spread of disease, from designing flood defences to harnessing renewable energy, we will delve into how a knowledge of statistics reveals the solution to many issues.

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