Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass: Dr Wajid Mannan

Dr Wajid Mannan, Lancaster University

Saturday 01 February 2014, 1000-1230
Postgraduate Statistics Centre, Computer Lab 2 (A46/A49)

The aim of the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses is to stimulate and encourage young people in the art and practice of mathematics and to develop a sense of enjoyment in the subject. These classes are not intended to match the school curriculum, but are instead intended to widen students’ areas of mathematical knowledge and interest.

Participants need enthusiasm and persistence as well as mathematical ability. It will be a rare student who understands all the material completely at a first hearing; sticking power is needed to come back for more and to take home the notes and try again.

The programme of classes at Lancaster is being organised on the theme of “Networks”, looking at how pure and applied mathematicians and statisticians study interconnected systems. Four of the classes will be delivered by academics from Lancaster University and two by guest speakers from outside the university.

Pupils in years 10 and 11 in 2013-14 have been nominated for participation by their schools; no more places are available for the classes this year.