Florence Nightingale Day: Rebecca Killick

Dr Rebecca Killick, Lancaster University

Thursday 03 April 2014, 1000-1025
Management School Building

Renewable Energy - How statistics can help mitigate intermittent generation

The traditional oil, gas and nuclear energy system is well understood from a statistics point of view. National Grid operators are very good at predicting demand and this can be matched to production of energy through oil, gas and nuclear power plants fairly well.

However, when we add larger and larger amounts of renewable energy into the mix the traditional approaches fail us. The energy production reliability we had in the past is no longer there - we can't tell the wind to blow or the sun to shine when we need it to. This uncertainty is changing the energy industry completely.

This talk will demonstrate how the traditional methods of predicting energy production would lead to widespread blackouts and times of oversupply. Following this we will explore some new ideas from statistics that can help avoid this problem and aid the increase of renewable energy to the grid.