Project to study symmetry breaking receives funding

Dr Jan Grabowski Dr Jan Grabowski

Dr Jan Grabowski of the Algebra and Geometry research group has been awarded a grant of £98,000 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The project will begin in Autumn 2014 and a research associateship is currently being advertised.

The project title is "Reconstructing broken symmetry" and concerns a phenomenon in noncommutative algebra known as "symmetry breaking" or "quantum rigidity". It is the observation that when quantizing algebras of functions on a space, the quantized algebra typically has many fewer automorphisms than its classical commutative counterpart. The principal objective is to better understand this phenomenon by examining all the quantizations of a space as a category, to see whether some of the lost automorphisms are recovered as automorphisms of the category. More details may be found via the above link.

Wed 23 July 2014